Thursday, April 28, 2011

Google Docs for Android now available

Google Doc 's has previously only been available in a web-based version for Android users. Now,Google finally released an app for the service.
The app is not fully complete, and the promisedOCR function does nothing further. The fact that Google not received an Android application for Google Docs only now is the right label, but now they have finally released the first version of the app for the system.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Evaluation of the second series simple interface customization system check it out thoroughly Meizu M9

Meizu M9 people some of the most attractive piece of 960X640 in addition to high-resolution screen, the system is its depth ofcustomization interface. Before evaluating the system we have tofirst talk about the interface design of these interfaces, the "culprit"is who to thank. I believe that many friends have guessed, yes, Meizu M9 as M8, UI design is still a eico design tocompletion. The design company was established in 2004, has now been 6 years, senior Meizu M8 users should already be familiar with eico the.

Nexus S & Dream G1 Android 2.3 ROM released

Google Nexus S 2.3.2 CM700 CM7.0.0 machine features frontmesh localized version of the Chinese ROM
This version is based on Cyanogenmod 7.0.0 version produced, Google Nexus S branch is responsible for the Koush thankCyanogen, Koush. By the Xdan, Geesun for the development ofAndroid 2.3, and compile the localization function, thank you for your support!
Firmware version
Android 2.3.2
Support models
Google Nexus S
Release Date
February 15, 2011

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Ten years of BlackBerry 10

The year is 1999. Bill Clinton is the President of the United States, gas is 94 cents a gallon, Bondi Blue iMacs are a staple in dorm rooms across the country, and Microsoft is trying to bring the desktop Windows experience to the pocket, pushing its Palm-size PC concept (after Palm had quashed the original "Palm PC" branding) on a world still feeling jilted by the failures of the Apple Newton. 3Com subsidiary Palm and its heavyweight licensee Handspring have figured out something interesting about the still-nascent PDA market, though: people like simplicity. If an electronic organizer does what it says it's going to do, keeps your information in sync with your PC, runs for forever and a day on a single set of batteries, and does it all with a minimum of fuss, people will buy. It's an exciting, challenging, and rapidly-changing era in the mobile business.

HTC: gives Italy's Incredible S a generous portion of Gingerbread

In February we were told the Incredible S would be updated to Gingerbread by the end of Q2 2011, and HTC has the first batch out of the oven well ahead of the deadline.

More Verizon Unleashed phones popping up, pricing confirmed

This morning's 'Unleashed' tipster has let loose a few more branded phone snapshots from his local Best Buy, further confirming Verizon's new contract free $50 unlimited talk, text, and mobile web plan. These new shots show off the same price structure we saw leaked earlier this month, as well as two more handsets: an LG Accolade, and a Pantech Caper -- both priced at $79.99. This seems a bit steep for the Accolade, a run of the mill flip phone, as this morning's tip priced the more capable LG Cosmosfeaturephone at a mere $39.99. Take your grain of salt, and check out the gallery below.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Nokia: C2-06 Dual SIM cell phone

The new Nokia C2-06 Dual SIM cell phone looks like a good prepaid phone. It’s a touchscreen device. If you travel, ya know, like for Business, having a local sim significantly reduces your mobile bill. Not having to switch sims is a nice feature.

T-Mobile Sidekick 4G on Sale Price $99.99 !

The new T-Mobile Sidekick 4G cell phone is now on sale for $99.99 with a new 2 year contrac. The Sidekick 4G is an excellent choice for buyers looking for a phone that offers easy texting and calling. To access the keyboard, you lift and swivel the large, beautiful 3.5 inch screen to reveal a luxurious QWERTY keyboard with excellent spacing between the keys and a no-slip matte finish.

Verizon Samsung Droid Charge 4G LTE | New Verizon cell phones

The new Verizon Samsung Droid Charge is an 4G network device, It has a 1600mAh battery compared to the HTC Thunderbolts 1200mAh. The Droid Charge has 32gb of internal memory and Unlimited 4G data. But price for $299.99. Yeah, the unsubsidized price looks pretty ridiculous for the specs in my opinion, but hopefully a 3rd party retailer like Amazon, Wirefly and the like will have a far less expensive subsidized price.

Verizon Samsung Droid Charge 4G LTE | New Verizon cell phones

The new Verizon Samsung Droid Charge is an 4G network device, It has a 1600mAh battery compared to the HTC Thunderbolts 1200mAh. The Droid Charge has 32gb of internal memory and Unlimited 4G data. But price for $299.99. Yeah, the unsubsidized price looks pretty ridiculous for the specs in my opinion, but hopefully a 3rd party retailer like Amazon, Wirefly and the like will have a far less expensive subsidized price.

Sony Ericsson W8 Android Walkman handset | New Sony Ericsson cell phones

The new Sony Ericsson W8 cell phone looks pretty cool! Walkman series is back. Though since Walkman series originally made for the ‘hip youngsters’ who nowadays are all Apple-ed, the low-end Walkman series doesn’t seem will be able to take off.  I thought this was based on the X10 and not the X8, which is even lower than the low end X10. The SE W8 is a low end phone

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Nokia and Microsoft deal now signed

Don’t be psyched, Nokia and Microsoft has just announced their partnership. This was not legally signed, rather the things weren’t very clear on where this deal was heading to. The agreement’s made and now things are better and more clearer than before. Read it for yourself.

Nokia 5230 & Nokia 5233 gets Firmware Updated to v21.0.004

Good to know that these low end touch phones getting their treatment. Okie Nokia 5230 and 5233′s firmware getting updated to v21.0.004 from v20.0.005 You can update the device to the new firmware via OTA (*#0000#) Check for updates or Nokia Software Updater on your PC. Better backup the data and stuffs from your phone though UDP(User Data Prevention) feature is on the Device.

Android: Skyfire launches 4.0 version mobile browser with 8 new features

Today Skyfire, maker of the award-winning and popular mobile browser, announces the release of Skyfire 4.0 for Android, its highly anticipated next-generation Android browser. Skyfire 4.0 for Android allows users to personalize their SkyBarTM toolbar, while adding eight new SkyBar features. While the basic browser and toolbar will remain free to Android users, Skyfire is also introducing a premium in-app purchase to enable its Video feature, which draws on Skyfire’s cloud-based servers to optimize videos from across the web.  As a thank you to over 3 million early beta users of the app, all existing users will be “grandfathered” in for free access for the lifetime of their device

Nokia and Microsoft sign definitive agreement, bring Windows Phone handsets closer to realization

Microsoft and Nokia's industry-altering announcement of a strategic alliance back in February has today been bolstered with the signing of a definitive agreement between the two companies. In announcing the inking of the paperwork, the Microkia crew point out that they're already hard at work developing "a portfolio" of 

Samsung Galaxy S II to arrive in UK on April 27th | but only through Phones 4u

UK phone retailer Phones 4u has scooped itself a short-term but enviable exclusive -- it'll be the only place in the UK where you'll be able to buy Samsung's Galaxy S II in April. The 1.2GHz dual-core

ASUS Eee Pad Transformer hits US on April 26th RS $399

We recently deemed the ASUS Eee Pad Transformer the "best Honeycomb tablet yet." Admittedly that was before we got our hands on the T-Mobile G-Slate, but it's still an awfully nice hunk of glass, and now we know just how much you're going to have to pay to get one 

Verizon starts: delivering long overdue Froyo update to Fascinate users

Rejoice, brothers and sisters, for the Froyo has been delivered! Verizon's Fascinate was up until today weirdly stuck in its Android 2.1 gear,

SanDisk and Toshiba announce world's | smallest NAND flash memory chips for tinier gadgets

20 nanometer manufacturing processes, you say? We say pshaw, be gone luddite. Sandisk and Toshiba just announced the latest product from their joint venture: a 19nm 64Gb (8GB) X2 memory chip; aka, the smallest NAND flash memory chip in the world. At least it will be when it hits production in the second half of the year. They are, however, sampling the monolithic chip this quarter in case you're interested in stacking a batch of 16 into an ultra-high density 128GB SSD. Anyone?

HBO Go app coming soon to Android and iOS devices

Time Warner’s Home Box Office (HBO) will now bring the HBO Go app to Android and Apple devices, including the iPhone and iPad. The HBO GO (for computers) was launched in February 2010 for cable subscribers to watch TV shows and movies on demand. The good news is, it’s free for HBO subscribers and gives you complete access to all episodes of your favorite shows.

The app allows you to stream content via 3G and Wi-Fi which means you’ll be able to watch loads of great quality content while on the go.With most streaming services, the video quality always comes under question, although we do hope its adeqate to not bother you while you watch your favourite action movie, but it cant be said for sure, but hey! as long as it doesn’t cost you a cent, many will find the service satisfactory anyway.
hbo go app HBO Go app coming soon to Android and iOS devices

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Downloads Iphone4, Ipad, ipod Firmwares

This is the download page for all iPhone softwares, firmwares and other tools such as RedSn0w, GreenPois0n, PwnageTool, etc,

How to Unlock iPhone 4.3.1

The Dev Team just released their unlock for iPhone 4.3.1. This updated version of ultrasn0wbrings support for the iPhone 3Gs and the iPhone 4 that are exclusively using these basebands: 01.59.00, 04.26.08, 05.11.07, 05.12.01, 05.13.04, and 06.15.00.

T-Mobile G-Slate Hands-On: Who Wants 3D Lite

Under the hood, there's not much separating the T-Mobile G-Slatefrom its nearest known competitor, theMotorola Xoom. Both run stock builds of Android Honeycomb. Both use the Tegra 2 chipset. Both have 1 gig of RAM. Both come equipped with 5 megapixel and 2 megapixel rear/front cameras. So what's different? Aside from size, the G-Slate uses T-Mobile's 4G-ish network and has "3D" capabilities, if you really want to call it that.

Angry Birds Seasons: Easter now released | time to go egg hunting

Angry Birds has been a very close friend to Android (and iOS) users, and since Angry Birds Seasons came to Android at the end of 2010, every holiday brings new bird-throwing themes. Rovio has just released the Easter version of Angry Birds Seasons, and those cheating green pigs are now dressed as bunnies.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Cracked Iphone

Following are the pics of cracked Iphone Pics well its really hard to see iphone got cracked but Enjoy :)

Cracked Iphone 

Monday, April 18, 2011

Some MacBook Airs sporting faster blade SSDs | probably from Samsung

When Apple released its redesigned MacBook Air in October 2010, much was made of the switch to flash storage using a custom-built Mini PCI Express form factor SSD drive. It took a few weeks but these SSDs would ultimately be released as the commercially available Toshiba Blade X-gale SSD module, model

The dual-screen Kyocera Echo | now available from Sprint

The Kyocera Echo is finally available from Sprint.  New customers can pick up the dual-display Android handset for $199.99 with a new two year contract, but you may need to save up for the $449.99 full retail price if you’re looking to “upgrade” without proper eligibility.

NEC's waterproof MEDIAS N-06C to get a sprinkle of | Gingerbread and 1GHz power

The MEDIAS N-04C might well be the hotness in the world of super slim phones right now, but if you're looking for something with a little more oomph and protection against water, then NEC's also got you covered. According to a pamphlet obtained by datacider, the MEDIAS family will soon be welcoming a 

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Skype: responds to report of security hole

Skype Profile info left vulnerable to malicious applications

Skype on Friday issued a public response to a security issue uncovered recently that leaves some profile and message information open and vulnerable to malicious applications. Uncovered by Android Police, the vulnerability deals with the way the Skype Android application stores some personal information, making your profile information -- and your Skype contacts' profile information (among other bits of Skype data) -- easily found and scraped by any application that wants to. Skype, on its blog, has said:

Saturday, April 16, 2011

SEO Basics: and Balance between Reader- and SEO-friendly Content

We live in the information age and humans are information addicts. We need answers to our questions and solutions to our problems and we need them right now. Our constant huger for more up to date information is what makes blogs so popular. Blogs that does not provide any value, any quality content have little or no chance of being noticed and will never grow a following. In other words they will have a hard time getting traffic.

DROID Incredible: 2 User Guide hits the web

Just in case you’ve been itching to leard how to use the HTC DROID Incredible 2, we thought we’d let you know that the handset’s complete User Guide is now available. The Incredible 2′s User Guide contains 300 pages of details about the phone and how to use HTC Sense 2.1, the same version of Sense that’s installed on the GSM HTC Incredible S. With the rumored April 28th launch date creeping up on us, we suggest you download the pdf and do some studying. 

Want someone to stop texting you

Send them this text: 
Error 23: SMS Not Delivered; The number (insert your number here) has blocked you. Please Try again later. 
Every time they text you or “try” to text you just resend that. It works, someone wouldn’t leave me alone and I sent them that and the texts stopped for two years. 

Motorola Droid Bionic vs. Apple iPhone 4 vs. HTC Thunderbolt

January 2011 is an awfully exciting month for Verizon Wireless employees and customers. At CES 2011, the company announced several 4G LTE phones including the Motorola Droid Bionic and the HTC Thunderbolt. Just a few days after the largest tech week of the year, Verizon Wireless announced details about the Apple iPhone 4. With many great choices, selecting the phone that works best for you can get awfully overwhelming. Fortunately, we’re back with yet another infographic with an in-depth look at three of our favorite upcoming Verizon Wireless smart phones.

Podcast Droid X2 finds itself on camera again flaunting both cores

We’ve had a few hints here and there that the Droid X2 will be releasing sometime next month, but Verizon and Motorola still have yet to officially acknowledge the existence of it. In light of this neglect the Droid X2 has apparently decided to do a couple indie flicks to build up its street cred.

Japanese Xperia Acro presentation leaked

No, that's not a typo. We're talking about the Japan-exclusive Sony Ericsson Xperia Acro, which is still unannounced, despite being leaked earlier this month. Now a leaked presentation, found on Japanese blog

Sidekick 4G expected to | have supply shortages

Last week, everyone was treated with the official price and release date of T-Mobile’s Sidekick 4G, along with the T-Mobile G2x (which is now available for purchase online). T-Mobile’s new addition to the Sidekick family was announced to be available in stores on April 20, which is next Wednesday.

Android 3.0 is here!

New UI designed from the ground up for tablets

Android 3.0 is a new version of the Android platform that is specifically optimized for devices with larger screen sizes, particularly tablets. It introduces a brand new, truly virtual and “holographic” UI design, as well as an elegant, content-focused interaction model.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Download Apple iOS 4.2.6 for | Verizon iPhone 4

Apple has released the iOS 4.2.6 that is specifically targeted for iPhone 4 from Verizon. The firmware is now available for download and CDMA features in the new smartphone. The iOS 4.3 which is already released in Beta stage might be available for both CDMA and GSM iPhones on its launch.

Guide: How to Jailbreak iPhone iOS 4.3.2 !

The folks at Redmond Pie has written a guide on how to jailbreak the iPhone on iOs 4.3.2. Head over to this post to view the guide. Enjoy!

N.O.V.A. Near Orbit Vanguard Alliance For Iphone

Get ready to jump into intense battles in the next installment of the popular sci-fi shooter. Coming soon to App Store.

Nokia E6 Walkthrough |

Walkthrough video of the latest E series smartphone from Nokia. The Nokia E6-00 is a Symbian Anna device, optimized for business use with QWERTY keypad and a VGA resolution capacitive touch display. The device features integrated mobile office and messaging applications, 8 Mpix Full Focus camera with dual-LED flash, A-GPS with Ovi Maps and Social networking integration. Additionally, for the software developers, the device includes Qt 4.7.3, Java MIDP 2.1, Bluetooth 3.0 and Flash Lite 4.0.

Windows 7 full review

upgrade vista to windows 7
Although the look of Windows 7 may seem to be nothing more than some polish applied liberally to the Vista Aero theme, make no mistake: this is a full replacement operating system, and more than just "Vista done right." From driver support to multitouch groundwork for the future, from better battery management to the most user-friendly interface Microsoft has ever had, Windows 7 is hardly half-baked.

IPhone Daily App: You Don't Know Jack

Stop whatever you're doing right now and go download You Don't Know Jack for iPhone or iPad, or in the free lite version if you want. I don't know of any game that, throughout the years that it's been available on various platforms, is more consistently enjoyable by anyone, from the most hardcore of gamers to non-techie trivia buffs. 

Apple will be the first $1 trillion company

There are stocks that are worth buying, and then there are stocks that you absolutely have to own. I’m not a stock broker, or advisor in any capacity, but even I realize that Apple stock is a must own.
I don’t own any, conflict of interest and all, but given the rate of growth a lot of people might be cashing in very large in the next couple of years.
According to a USAToday article, Apple could theoretically hit the $1 Trillion dollar market value in as little as 3 years. How did the USAToday article get to those numbers?

Western Digital's My Book Studio Edition II

It's a great time to be in the market for mass storage for your Mac. Hardware manufacturers keep coming out with new solutions that either provide more speed (like SSDs) or greater capacity, and the prices keep coming down.
Western Digital is now shipping the My Book Studio Edition II, a two-drive enclosure filled with 6 TB (that's right, six terabytes) of RAID 0 storage and a quad-interface (FW800 / FW400 /eSata / USB2.0) for only US$549.99. That price is quite amazing, since the competing LaCie 4 Quadra array sells for almost $400 more. The My Book Studio Edition II takes advantage of WD's 3 TB Caviar Green drives, two of which are nestled into an enclosure. The product comes with a power adapter usable in the US, Canada and most European countries, FireWire 800 and USB cables, a FireWire 800/400 cable and a CD containing a user manual and a selection of software.
The My Book Studio Edition II drive comes pre-formatted for Mac OS X and can be reformatted for use with Windows 7. While the array comes set up as a 6 TB RAID 0 stripe set, it's possible to use it as a mirrored pair (RAID 1) of 3 TB drives. For those who are looking for redundant storage, the RAID 1 solution makes a lot of sense. If it's raw storage capacity that you want, RAID 0 is the way you'll want to go -- just be sure to buy a second array for backup purposes.
To see how the My Book Studio Edition II array stood up during our tests, turn to the next page.