Sunday, August 28, 2011

Latest Anti-Fingerprint Technology for iPhone 5

The current coatings for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch are not effective and lasts for a month but this new patent filed by Apple is apparently more effective in protecting the touch screen devices from smears.

Report - iPhone 5 to be a dual-mode world phone

Apple's upcoming iPhone 5 will support access to both CDMA and GSM networks, allowing it to operate in most countries around the world, a source tells TechCrunch.

iPhone 5 Test Page on Leaked

Latest iPhone 5 Pictures got Leaked on Website and some anonymous person took screenshot of that web page on that time in Apple head quarters. Enjoy Apple iPhone 5 Real Pictures.

iPhone 5 - Apple to Capture Consumers Again

Online shopping site PriceGrabber found that Apple still has what it takes to win consumers over with its smartphone offering. The company recently surveyed consumers about the upcoming release of the iPhone 5and found, specifically, that 35 percent of the respondents plan to buy the new device upon its release.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

HTC EVO 4G Custom ROMs List 2011

Following is the HTC EVO 4g Rom list that is collected by XDA developers.

(08/22/2011) [SSKinged SHOOTER E3D RLS2 (S3)*
(08/21/2011) [SSR2R's Kingdom RC2 (2.3.5)
(08/20/2011) [SSgingerbread-evo-deck 1.3d (2.3.5)
(08/16/2011) [SSSalvageMod v1.4 (2.3.5)*

(08/15/2011) [SSMIUI US 1.8.12 (2.3.5)

Motorola Atrix Korea Can Now Update to Android 2.3

Motorola Atrix Korea Can Now Update to Android 2.3 Gingerbread

The Motorola Atrix owners in Korea can now happily update their Froyo phone to Gingerbread. The customers can get the update from Motorola website or the Motorola customer care centers. The update will capable the users to customize their device launcher bar and app folders with Blur latest version. You can OTA download the Android update via Blur too.

Free Streaming Movies from Amazon for Android tablet’s

Tablets hits 2011. Yes, there are so many Android tablets in the market right now. From the most expensive, Motorola XOOM until the cheapest, Archos Arnova. Amazon also will release its tablet, called as Amazon Coyote and Amazon Hollywood. 
The Coyote will powered by dual-core, beside the Hollywood will run Quad-core processor (maybe the Kal-el?).

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Facebook Messenger for BlackBerry Download

Facebook Messenger for iPhone and Android was released a couple of days back which is a standalone app for messaging to your Facebook friends and mobile contacts.
The app was released for iPhone and Android first, but according to the Help pages on Facebook,Facebook Messenger will soon be making its way to BlackBerry devices as well.
This app is a direct competitor to BlackBerry Messenger and WhatsApp (both of them used on BlackBerry a lot), and now Facebook wants to dominate that area as well.

PS3 Controller with Android Phones with Sixaxis Controller

PlayStation 3 controllers (Sixaxis and DualShock 3) can now be used on Android phone to play games or just navigate through the phone!

HTC Sensation will receive Android 2.3.4 Gingerbread this week

Good news for Vodafone HTC Sensation users. Recombu states that their sources at Vodafone, claim that Vodafone will roll-out Android 2.3.4 for HTC Sensation this week. The update itself, will come via OTA (Over-The-Air). For UK resident who using Vodafone, get ready this week.
Before, HTC Sensation -unlocked or SIM-free version- has already roll-out last week OTA across Europe

How to Root HTC EVO 4G Easily

Have you get the last OTA update for the HTC EVO 4G? Great.
Now, I think you are ready to root your Android HTC EVO 4G. Today, we will use Revolutionary app to root your Android device. The Root app comes with version 2.16.0001 Hboot.
NOTE : It’s better for you to read it carefully. Actually, it’s very easy procedure. Ok!

Update HTC Sensation 4G and HTC EVO 3D into Android 2.3.4 Gingerbread

Great news for HTC Sensation 4G and HTC EVO 3D users. HTC has just roll-out Android 2.3.4 Gingerbread update for your device. Today, T-Mobile andSprint have started pushing the update. So, keep an eye for a new download request in your device. It might be the update.
T-Mobile plans to roll-out for Android 2.3.4 for Sensation 4G by late September, but Sprint make no mention about this.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Fruit Ninja Kinect Releasing For Xbox 360 This Wednesday

Great news for fruit slicing n’ dicing fans from all over the globe: Fruit Ninja is coming to the Xbox 360 with Kinect integration this Wednesday.

Google+ App For iPod touch And iPad Now Available Download

The Google+ iOS app has been updated today to support the previously “missing” iOS devices, the iPod touch and the iPad, just weeks after the original iPhone-only app wasunveiled. All iOS users are urged to download this update as soon as possible from their device’s App Store or iTunes.

Sunday, August 7, 2011


*Flash your device at your own risk*
(08/04/2011) [SSKaos Hybrid 4.20 Beta#2
(08/04/2011) [SSSynergy 3Dvo (Nightly)
(08/04/2011) [SSEvo-Nonsense3D (2.3.3)(CS)
(08/04/2011) [SSSteelROM v1.02 (2.3.3)(S3)
(08/04/2011) [SSAOSP Gingerbread ALPHA (2.3.5)(WIP)
(08/03/2011) [SSSupraROM v1.2 (AOSP/S3)
(08/03/2011) [SSBl00dyB3@$T-3d MOD v5.4 (S3)
(08/03/2011) [SSProject_ROM v1.0 RLS1 (CS)
(08/03/2011) [SSTi-X E3D V2
(08/03/2011) [SSfreEVO 3D 1.1
(08/02/2011) [SSSenseless ROM 1.0
(08/02/2011) [SSEVOZone3D
(08/02/2011) [SSCMYLXGOroms 3EVO (2.3.3)(S3)
(08/02/2011) [SSviperROM RC1.2
(08/01/2011) [SSAbsurd by Evervolv v1.0.0a2 (S3)
(08/01/2011) [SSShooTeR ReWInD 3D RLS2-RC1 (2.3.3)(S3)
(07/31/2011) [SSgbsense-e3d-deck [0.2]
(07/31/2011) [SSCleanROM 1.1
(07/30/2011) [SSMikRoms Chogardjr3D v0.9
*All source links are from xda-developers forum*

VIA: Androidcandy

Asus Eee Pad Transformer Custom ROM List

*Flash your device at your own risk*
(08/03/2011) [SSRepackaged rooted firmwares
(08/02/2011) [SSRevolver 2.0 by Gnufabio (3.2)
(07/31/2011) [SSPrime 1.7 BETA (3.2)
(07/31/2011) [SSClemsyn's ROM Version 4 (3.2)
(07/26/2011) [SSPRIME! v1.6r2 (3.1)
(07/29/2011) [SS] ULTIMATE Series REVENGEditon.v4
*All source links are from xda-developers forum*

VIA: androidcandy

CyanogenMod V7 ROM series

CyanogenMod is based on the Android Open Source Project with extra contributions from many people within the Android community. It can be used without any need to have any Google application installed.

New Facebook Themes For Download

I hope you all enjoyed the second wave of Orkut themes. If Orkut users can get third-party themes, then why can’t Facebook users? I’ve compiled a list of the best Facebook themes currently available for download on the Internet. The life-span of these themes is not much as Facebook keeps changing their code. The themes given below have been hand-picked by me and were all working fine. They are also being regularly updated by the original designers.

How To Fix New Facebook Chat For Seeing Whos Really Online

A couple of weeks back, Facebook rolled out its new chat interface. We won’t lie, it sucks big time. Its not practical in any way and is a pain in the sitter if you’re one who relies on Facebook chat for online conversations. Nevertheless, we shall show you in this tutorial how you can fix new Facebook chat and get the old chat sidebar once again.

6 Simple Steps To Configure Privacy on Google+

A Guide to Taming Privacy Concerns Around Google+ â€" ZoneAlarm Blog has put together an interesting 6-step guide for new people joining Google+ and how they can protect their privacy on a social network that claims to have way more privacy controls than Facebook, yet you can’t have private profiles.
Google+ now has 20 million users worldwide in just 2-3 weeks after it’s launch in their invite-only field test. And as it grows, the concern for privacy and keeping yourself protected from cyber-criminals also increase.
Check out the various steps below to ensure your privacy is safe on Google+.

Sign-up To Become A Beta Tester For Google Plus

Do you want to be treated any differently from the others? If yes then this is especially for you as Google+ is ready to fulfill this fantasy of yours. Now you can become a beta tester at Google+ easily and can get the latest features before they are made available to the public.