Sunday, July 31, 2011

iPhone 5 Silicone Cases Now Abundantly Available In China

The iPhone 5 silicone case which we talked about the other day will no longer be limited to blurry spy-shots as the cases are now available everywhere in China.

FBapp For iPhone & Status Via For Android Lets You Update Facebook Status From iPhone 5G, Air Force One, Hogwarts

Those via iPhone, via Blackberry status updates are starting to get boring now. While there is no escaping them since Facebook includes them along with their native apps, you can set yourself apart by customizing the via message.
We talked about how to do this from a web browser last week. If you wish to pull of the same trickery using an Android smartphone or an iPhone/iPod touch/iPad, we’ve got the solutions: Status Via for Android and FBapp for iOS device.
Status Via for Android

How To Enable HDMI Video Mirroring On iPhone 4, iPod touch 4G

While the iPad 2 comes with out-of-the-box support for video mirroring over HDMI or VGA, the iPhone 4 and iPod touch 4G don’t. The interesting thing is that it has been proven that video mirroring works with the latter devices; maybe not as well as the iPad 2 but the fact is, they work and Apple purposefully has left out this functionality. We’re going to get that functionality back on the iPhone 4 and iPod touch 4G today; follow our guide after the break!

after the break!
Video Mirroring iPhone
We previously published a guide on how to enable mirroring on the first-generation iPad so you may follow that guide if you’ve got one.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

HTC Desire Custom ROM'S

*This list of Custom ROM is only for HTC Desire (Bravo)*
*Flash your device at your own risk*
(07/11/2011) [SSAceSMod007 v21 (2.3.3)
(07/09/2011) [SSSGBS v1.4 (2.3 S2.1)
(07/08/2011) [ 1.7.8
(07/08/2011) [SSMIUI XJ 1.7.8 (2.3.4)
(07/05/2011) [SSCool3D Sense v8 (2.3.3)(Sense3)
(07/05/2011) [SSCrystalKingdom v0.4.1 (2.3.3)(Sense3)
(07/02/2011) [SSRCMix S v3.0 (2.3.3)(Sense3)
(07/02/2011) [SSGinger Villain 2.7 (2.3.4)

Samsung Captivate Custom ROM'S

Samsung Captivate Custom ROM List

*This list of custom ROM is only for Samsung Captivate*
*Flash your device at your own risk*
(07/15/2011) [SSFASTY V2.0 (2.2)
(07/14/2011) [SSAtomicFusion v1.3 (KF1)
(07/12/2011) [SSO B S S E S S I O N JVP
(07/11/2011) [SSApeX 8.2 (2.3.4)
(07/10/2011) [SSGalacyCOMB by Kenia1234
(07/08/2011) [SSMIUI Captivate 1.7.8 (2.3.4)
(07/05/2011) [SSGalaxySENSE ROM by Kenia1234
(07/04/2011) [SSContinuum V6.1 (2.3.4)
(07/04/2011) [SSDlev's v3.7 (2.3.4)
(06/29/2011) [SSCognition 5 Beta 3 (2.3.3)
(06/29/2011) [SSTeam Phoenix Mosaic V (2.3.3)


*This list of Custom ROM is only for HTC Supersonic (EVO 4G)*
*Flash your device at your own risk*
(07/17/2011) [SSSynergy RC2
(07/16/2011) [SSMIUI US 1.7.15 (2.3.4)
(07/16/2011) [SSSNS Gingerbread v1.4
(07/13/2011) [SSMikG v2.3 (2.3)
(07/11/2011) [SSSprint Lovers Evolution BETA3 (2.3.3)
(07/10/2011) [SSSteelROM v1.07
(07/09/2011) [SSgingerbread-evo-deck 1.2.1 (2.3.4)
(07/08/2011) [SSSinister Rom [RLV7]
(07/07/2011) [SSEVOlvedROM RC1

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Samsung Captivate Custom ROM List

Samsung Captivate Custom ROM List

We only provide ROM list which we have collected from XDA Developers So Flash it on your own risk . 

(06/29/2011) [SSTeam Phoenix Mosaic V (2.3.3)
(06/26/2011) [SSFASTY V1.6 (2.2)
(06/26/2011) [SSApeX 7.2 (2.3.4)
(06/26/2011) [SSCyanogenMod V7 RC1 (2.3.4)
(06/24/2011) [SSMIUI Captivate 1.6.24 (2.3.4)
(06/23/2011) [SSAtomicFusion v1.0 (KF1)
(06/23/2011) [SSContinuum v6 RC1 (2.3.4)
(06/23/2011) [SSCognition 5 Beta 2 (2.3.3)

HTC Desire Custom ROM List

Please Flash it on you own Risk We only provide List of roms from XDA developers.

(06/30/2011) [SSRCMix S v2.1 (2.3.3)(Sense3)
(06/30/2011) [SSAlex-V 15 (2.3.3)(Sense3)
(06/30/2011) [SSAceSMod007 v16 (2.3.3)
(06/28/2011) [SSLeeDrOiD V3.0.8.2 (2.3.3)
(06/28/2011) [SSReflex S v2.1.7 (2.3.3)(Sense3)
(06/28/2011) [SSSGBS v1.1 (2.3 S2.1)
(06/27/2011) [SSMIUI XJ 1.6.24 (2.3.4)
(06/27/2011) [SSGingerBurst Sense 2.1 (2.3.3)
(06/26/2011) [SSCrystalKingdom v0.3.2 (2.3.3)(Sense3)
(06/24/2011) [ 1.6.24