Monday, October 17, 2011

Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich Available For Download

We’re getting to that time again, the time when the rumor-mill is in full swing, and talk of a new Google Nexus phone is already reaching fever pitch. It’s almost certain that Samsung will once again be the hardware partner of choice for the Android masters, despite the Nexus S not quite taking the world by storm.
Believed to be called the Google Nexus, or Nexus Prime, depending on who you believe, the new handset will be the first Google smartphone to sport the new Ice Cream Sandwich mobile operating system, complete with its redesigned user interface. Part of that new interface is, inevitably, a new set of wallpapers – wallpapers which have now found their way onto the internet, as these things tend to do.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

How to Root LG Optimus 3D

I think it maybe possible for you who are new in gadget world. We can talk more about Root first. If you don’t know, root is an administrator that can allow you to install or uninstall the application that usually can’t do by common user and you can modify the operating system. You will need root further for application like market enabler, titanium backup, ROM Manager, and more also modify themes, boot animation, battery indicator, and more.
Ok, now, lets start to apply how to root, and in this occasion we try it on LG Optimus 3D
-          Before to root, you need to download
  1. SuperOneClick and extract
  2. Driver LGUnitedMobileDriver_S4981MAN32AP22_ML_WHQL_Ver_3. 2.1.exe
-          After that, get the installation of
  1. Install Driver LGUnitedMobileDriver_S4981MAN32AP22_ML_WHQL_Ver_3. 2.1.exe on PC
  2. I suggested to restart your PC
Now, you can begin to root, please follow the step below with your own risk, you get this step carefully
  1. Open your phone, enter Settings > Applications > Development
  2. Disarray USB Debugging
  3. Get connected between PC and your Optimus 3D phone through data cable
  4. Look over notifications in your phone, if it can be detected “USB debugging connected”
  5. See “device manager” on PC, is the driver has installed as well
  6. If the driver has installed, please open up superoneclick app (if used windows vista/7, run on as admin)

7. After the app open up, you go more with choose ‘psneuter’ in exploit
8. Choose Root

9. The process will look like in this below
10. Wait until the process done like in image

How to Update LG Optimus 3D Firmware Offline

 Guys, you need to download first before the main process, download is including
  1. Firmware kdz, for example from forum.xda-developer, or get check directly from your LG by clicking this link and edit into that address. You should change 0000000000000000 with IMEI on its own
  2. Software Update KDZ KDZ FW UPD EN and extract
  3. LG Update B2CAppSetup.exe
  4. Driver LG Optimus 3D
-          And you also need to install below
  1. Driver LG Optimus 3D
  2. LG-PC Suite that could you found in SD card internal
  3. LG Update B2CAppSetup.exe
  4. Msxml.msi on KDZ_FW_UPD_EN folder
  5. Erase mfc42 file, if used windows 64 bit
  6. Then make sure to restart your computer
Here is the main process to update Firmware, be ready!
  1. Switch off your LG Optimus 3D phone
  2. You must connect your phone with computer through USB cable
  3. Wait it until LG logo and battery shown
  4. Press vol_up  + power button for about 6 second until the screen off
  5. Press once more the vol_up + power button for 6 second and wait until driver has installed (to check this, please open up your LG Mobile Update to show LG P920)
  6. Open up Device Manager on your computer and make LGE Mobile USB Modem and LGE Virtual Modem disable
  7. Open up the application of Software Update KDZ KDZ_FW_UPD_EN.exe
  8. Choose type : 3GQCT, Phone Mode : CS_EMERGENCY and then choose KDZ file that has been downloaded.

9. Choose Launch Software Update to begin the flashing process
10. You need wait for flashing process and don’t touch anything in your computer, because the process is heavy enough
11. Look up for log, if the extract process has done, it will normal and get movement of log
12. If the process still running, don’t take off the USB and make sure your computer on, you can view it clearly in below

13. If the Log shown like image below, the process finished

14. Now, Flashing has done
15. You can use firmware V10B, but wait until your phone is restart automatically
16. Are you want to use firmware V10D? your phone must switch on with press power button
17. Withdraw the USB cable and out of Software Update KDZ
If the process has succeeded, your phone will flare. You can indicate it by viewing in setting-about phone-software version, changed.

How to Install Custom ROM on LG Optimus 3D

And it is important that do this process with your own risk. Ok, here we go
  1. You need to download ROM which was most wanted with .zip ( for example MIUI, MODACO, and more)
  2. Put on to SD external (or for CWM, it takes CWM external)
  3. Reboot into recovery via ROM Manager or shut down the phone and press the power + Vol down button or you can takes 2X application reboot
  4. After Recovery mode, backup your ROM before by choosing backup and Restore >> backup
  5. After backup, go back to page one
  6. Choose Wipe data / Factory Reset
  7. Choose Wipe Cache Partition
  8. Choose Advance >> wipe Dalvik Cache
  9. Go back to page one and choose the “install zip from SD card”
  10. Choose zip from SD card >> file zip ROM that has been copied
  11. Installing zip
  12. If all process have done, please reboot system now

How to Force Apps to Install to SD Card on LG Optimus ME P350

For the Android users, many of you get an trouble to move your download application from Android market to your mmc? You don’t have a worry anymore. We will discuss to solve your problem. Now please take carefully the step below, and it will be solving too with log in more than two in twitdeck, twitcaster, or seesmic. I just tried it with LG Optimus ME P350, here is:
Fisrt, you must click on setting > applications > manage App. You will be serviced tab downloaded, running, all, and on sdcard.
In downloaded, choose app that would you moved, tap, and there will be the choice to move to sdcard.
So simply right?  I think it will not take a longer and enjoy it

iPhone 4s vs. Droid X 2

Retina display! 8-megapixel camera! Video calls! HDMI port! The last few days have seen lots of shouting from proponents of the hot phones of the minute, the Apple iPhone 4s and the Motorola Droid X. Which phone really delivers the best experience? We got our hands on both and tested them in seven categories: cost of ownership, storage, connection speeds, still and video image capture, display and resolution, operating system, and multitasking and media playback.

The iPhone 4s won the majority of our battles–but barely. Both phones are incredibly fast, have superb displays, and come loaded with multimedia features. Some of our tests, such as OS and media playback, come down to personal preference. On the other hand, our display, still camera, and camcorder tests clearly prove that the iPhone 4s is stronger in those categories. And the iPhone 4s won our data-speed and voice-quality tests, though they were confined to San Francisco; the results could be different in other parts of the country.
Soon, we’ll be putting the HTC EVO 4G and the Samsung Galaxy S through the same testing, so check back for those results.

onnectivity: Data Speeds and Voice Quality

The Stats: In the connectivity department, the Droid X and the iPhone 4s both come with Wi-Fi, GPS, and Bluetooth. What the Droid X can do and the iPhone 4s can’t is to act as a mobile hotspot. For an extra $20 per month, the Droid X allows you to connect up to five compatible Wi-Fi devices, such as your laptop, your iPad, or other gadgets, to Verizon’s network.
Both phones boast noise-cancellation technology, which is supposed to improve call quality by blocking sounds around you, leaving only your voice.
Testing Methodology: We tested the iPhone 4s and the Droid X in five San Francisco locations and used the same testing methodology we use for our 3G speed tests. We used the FCC-endorsed Ookla testing app on both the iPhone 4s and the Droid X to measure upload speeds and download speeds. The Ookla test sends a stream of packets from the phone to a network server and back, and then measures the average speeds at which the packets make the round trip. We ran three consecutive speed tests on each phone at each location and then picked the best upload and download speeds of the three. Our voice-call tests were more subjective; we placed calls to a common local number, listening for static, jitter, delay, dropped calls, or a failure to connect, and then assigned a score to each call.
Data Speed Winner: iPhone 4s
In our informal performance testing in San Francisco, the AT&T-connected iPhone 4s registered far faster download speeds than the Verizon-connected Droid X did. The iPhone 4s showed an average download speed of 1958 kbps (almost 2 mbps) across our five testing locations in the city. The Droid X had an average download speed of 1130 kbps–still more than enough speed for reasonably fast Web browsing and standard-definition video watching. The two new devices posted similar average upload speeds; the iPhone4 registered 434 kbps and the Droid X averaged 564 kbps. Those upload speeds are fast enough to support basic file sharing but not enough to make fat-pipe apps such as multiplayer gaming or videoconferencing run well.
Voice Quality Winner: iPhone 4s
The iPhone 4s showed an even greater advantage over the Droid X in our voice-call quality tests. In almost all the test calls we placed around the city, calls on the iPhone 4s sounded better than the Droid X. Calls sounded more natural, and were more pleasing to listen to on the other end of the line. We recorded no dropped calls on AT&T.
In test calls using the Droid X, the audio coming out of the earphone was usually clear enough, but it didn’t sound as full and pleasing as that coming out of the iPhone 4s. On the other end, I’m told, my voice sounded loud enough, but not as dynamic and even a bit shrill. We also noted some minor static on some calls, as well as a warbling sound in other calls. We recorded only one dropped call using the Droid X.
Obviously, you can’t generalize too much from these tests. We were able to test in only one city, and testing over wireless networks is inherently unpredictable–weather and network traffic can affect the results in unknown ways.

Still Camera

The Specs: The iPhone 4s sports a 5-megapixel camera sensor with an LED flash, which is a nice upgrade from the iPhone 3GS’s 3-megapixel camera with no flash. The camera supports tap-to-focus in shooting mode, as well as photo geotagging.
On paper, the Droid X’s camera seems a bit stronger. It has an 8-megapixel display with a dual-LED flash. The Droid X offers no tap-to-focus, but it does have a face-detection feature that will automatically focus on a (human) subject. In addition to an Auto mode, the Droid X has a handful of basic scene modes that you can adjust based on the shooting environment: Landscape, Portrait, Macro, Sports, Steady Shot, Sunset, and Night Portrait.
Testing Methodology: PCWorld’s testing methodology for the iPhone 4 and Droid X cameras was a truncated version of our regular testing methodology for point-and-shoot cameras. We affixed each phone to a tripod and shot two images with the flash turned off:
1. One still-life scene with a color chart and delightful random objects to rate exposure quality and color accuracy.
2. A target chart and printed text to evaluate sharpness and distortion levels.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Angry Birds running on Symbian S60v3 phone (Nokia E5)

Heres a video showing the popular game angry birds running on Symbian S60V3 phone (In this video it plays on Nokia E5-00). Check out the video demo after the break.

Galaxy Note comes to Europe this month

Galaxy Note comes to Europe this month

Samsung Galaxy Note will be launched across Europe starting this month. The 5.3-inch tablet is expected to roll out in Germany, UK and France, among other European countries.
Post this launch, a new variation sporting 4G LTE will be launching in Korea next month.

Here are some specifications of the Samsung Galaxy Note:
  • 5.3-inch 1280 x 800 Super AMOLED HD display with stylus support
  • 1.4GHz dual-core chip
  • Android 2.3 Honeycomb
  • 2MP / 8MP cameras
  • Bluetooth
  • Wi-Fi
  • MicroSD card reader.
There is no official word on the release date for US by now.

Final Look of the Nokia SeaRay leaked

It looks like T-Mobile Germany was prematurely leaked and it shows the Nokia SeaRay in it’s final form.

Could this be the final version of the Nokia SeaRay?  It’s a well known fact that it’s supposed to look exactly like the Nokia N9.  What do you think of this look?  Are you surprised at all?

Cheaper version of iPhone 4 to be announced tomorrow

Cheaper version of iPhone 4 to be announced tomorrow

Gizmodo reports that procured images of what is most likely a new iPhone, a cheaper version of iPhone 4, to be announced on Tuesday along with iPhone 4S.
Gizmodo reports:
Our Brazilian brothers,, got their hot little hands on a few photos of one a new iPhone, to be announced next week. How? Well, there’s a Foxconn factory in Brazil, and Pedro & co got one of their men inside.

The device is codenamed ‘N90A’ and is not the iPhone 4S (codenamed ‘N94). Most of images don’t say any special stuff. But when you see the last one, a picture of a Foxconn Brazil quality control form has a different model number, N90A.”
The site also reports that the device has some issues with the camera lenses and hence will not hit the stores soon.

Leaked: Nokia Sea Ray images

After the leak of Nokia Sabre by Microsoft Canada’s website, the most recent images of other windows phone by Nokia “Nokia Sea Ray” have surfaced. 
The leaked images point that Nokia Sabre might not just be the only windows phone to be released by Nokia soon. It is expected to the second phone, first being Nokia Sea Ray. The leaked images have been a courtesy of T-Mobile’s German division.

The leaked images show Nokia Sea Ray featuring a 3.7inch display, but one that includes AMOLED technology and a curved glass front similar to that used by the Samsung-manufactured Nexus S smartphone. It also hints that the device will be shipped with Windows Phone 7.5 (Mango).
No official comment on the images either from Nokia or from Microsoft has been received.