Wednesday, October 12, 2011

How to Update LG Optimus 3D Firmware Offline

 Guys, you need to download first before the main process, download is including
  1. Firmware kdz, for example from forum.xda-developer, or get check directly from your LG by clicking this link and edit into that address. You should change 0000000000000000 with IMEI on its own
  2. Software Update KDZ KDZ FW UPD EN and extract
  3. LG Update B2CAppSetup.exe
  4. Driver LG Optimus 3D
-          And you also need to install below
  1. Driver LG Optimus 3D
  2. LG-PC Suite that could you found in SD card internal
  3. LG Update B2CAppSetup.exe
  4. Msxml.msi on KDZ_FW_UPD_EN folder
  5. Erase mfc42 file, if used windows 64 bit
  6. Then make sure to restart your computer
Here is the main process to update Firmware, be ready!
  1. Switch off your LG Optimus 3D phone
  2. You must connect your phone with computer through USB cable
  3. Wait it until LG logo and battery shown
  4. Press vol_up  + power button for about 6 second until the screen off
  5. Press once more the vol_up + power button for 6 second and wait until driver has installed (to check this, please open up your LG Mobile Update to show LG P920)
  6. Open up Device Manager on your computer and make LGE Mobile USB Modem and LGE Virtual Modem disable
  7. Open up the application of Software Update KDZ KDZ_FW_UPD_EN.exe
  8. Choose type : 3GQCT, Phone Mode : CS_EMERGENCY and then choose KDZ file that has been downloaded.

9. Choose Launch Software Update to begin the flashing process
10. You need wait for flashing process and don’t touch anything in your computer, because the process is heavy enough
11. Look up for log, if the extract process has done, it will normal and get movement of log
12. If the process still running, don’t take off the USB and make sure your computer on, you can view it clearly in below

13. If the Log shown like image below, the process finished

14. Now, Flashing has done
15. You can use firmware V10B, but wait until your phone is restart automatically
16. Are you want to use firmware V10D? your phone must switch on with press power button
17. Withdraw the USB cable and out of Software Update KDZ
If the process has succeeded, your phone will flare. You can indicate it by viewing in setting-about phone-software version, changed.


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