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Thursday, February 9, 2012

iPad 3 Back Housing Hints at New Display, Bigger Battery, New Camera

Folks over at RepairLabs claims that they have got ahold of an iPad 3 back housing. This leaked iPad 3 back housing, if legit, reveals numerous differences from an iPad 2 back housing.
Hit the jump for the iPad 3 and iPad 2 back housing photos and to learn more about the differences…

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

iPad 3 and iPad 4 Rumored Release Date in 2012

What is one of the stranger rumors to appear about the iPad 3 release, is that it won’t be the only iPad released this year. According to DigiTimes report recently released noted that the iPad 3 would be released as rumored in March of 2012. The curveball comes however with their suggestion that the iPad 4 would be released in October of 2012.

iPad 3 Release Date: February 24, 2012

The iPad 3 release date may be just around the corner

We recently reported the rumor that the iPad 3 may release early. There are no reports coming out that the iPad 3 may be coming to you on February 24, 2012. This however isn’t just a random date on the calendar. The 24th would have been Steve Jobs, Apple’s founder, birthday.
Steve Jobs reportedly was very active in the development of the iPad 3 before his death. Many believe that the iPad 3 is Steve’s last legacy to the world and that the iPad 3 will truly be the tablet that he has envisioned the entire time. Releasing the iPad 3 on his birthday would of course be a touching tribute to the man that created and saved Apple Inc and revolutionized many different industries.

iPad 3 Button News

iPad 3 Rumors continue after the leak of the iPad 3 button recently leaked a photo of the rumored home button to be used for the release of the iPad 3. The photo shows the current iPad 2 home button, and then the smaller iPad 3 home button. As you can notice the button is noticeably smaller which could mean several different things.

Next Generation iPad Sooner then Expected

The iPad 3 may be coming to a store near you!

The rumor of a early release for the iPad 3 have reappeared and even hitting reputable news sites. The recent reports have the iPad 3 release coming in February 2012, a full month ahead of the previous iPad releases. The iPad 3 of course should be released in March 2012 or as late as April 2012. Citi analyst Richard Gardner however has stated that Apple is ready and preparing for an earlier release. He also states that there are no hurdles left in production (despite our thoughts of possible issues with the displays or A6 processors)

iPad Mini before the iPad 3

iPad 3 and iPad Mini coming to you?

The iPad 3 has been all the rage in the Apple community. The recent release of the iPhone 4s has made way for the iPad to take the spotlight from the millions of Apple fans. The iPad 3 has been the biggest rumor reporting to contain a new screen, better battery, and a new camera. There however has been a small rumor that is mostly ignored.

Should you buy the iPad 3 at its rumored release date?

There is always a buzz around Apple announcements, be it for the newest Macbook or the best new iPad3. There is a large group of individuals that must have the newest Apple products, no matter how they function or how similar they are to the previous model. There however is also a large group of consumers that don’t have unlimited funds for pricey new Apple iHardware every few months.

Apple iPad 3 Rumor Mill Heats Up

Apple’s iPad 3 rumors continue to build, a predictable pattern established by the release cycles of the iPad and iPad 2. 

Search for the term “iPad 3” and you are sure to find rumors galore. Reading different websites and getting all the latest news could take you an entire day. Of course then tomorrow, even more rumors will surface about the iPad 3 release. We here at iPad 3 News do our best to keep track of all the information and give you a one stop shop for iPad 3 rumors, news, and information.

iPad 3 Price Rumors

The iPad 3 is rumored to be released in February 2012. It is expected to include a Retina Display, along with an upgraded battery and possibly a new form factor. Up until now the price hasn’t really been talked about for the release of the new iPad 3.

Apple iPad 3 at CES?

Rumors are swirling that the iPad 3 was located recently at CES. iLounge reported that the iPad 3 was seen at the CES show, and that it is very similar to the current iPad 2. In fact it was said that you could have seen the iPad 3 and not even know it. iLounge does have some credit with these stories, as they were the ones who reported sighting the iPad 2 at the last CES. This was later confirmed to be a true story closer to the iPad release.

Apple needs the iPad 3 release?

The current iPad is of course the best selling tablet to date, but does Apple need to release the iPad 3? As we have reported about the Kindle Fire, other Android tablets are also here to stay. The Kindle Fire of course quickly became the leading Android tablet right out of the gate. With a bargain price tag and a different design from other Android powered tablets, the small device fromAmazonwas a hit. It in fact has put pressure on Apple that they will likely pay close attention to.

Apple iPad 3 Rumored Release with 4G and Quad Core

The release of the iPad 3 is the biggest news and rumor mill for Apple currently. There have been many rumors about the possible iPad 3 release date in relation to Steve Jobs birthday. There also have been big rumors about the iPad 3 being at CES and not being a major overhaul as was previously rumored and desired. New photos have come to the internet today via BGR from an individual rumored to have an iPad 3 in their hands.

Amazon points to iPad 3 release date?

Amazon, the producer of the hot new Kindle Fire, may have pointed towards the release date of the iPad 3. The online giant of course won’t be selling iPad 3s directly, but they will of course be selling books and manuals about the device. Recently discovered on the French version of their website were two books titled “iPad 3 Pour Les Nuls” and “Auf die Schnelle iPad 3”, meaning iPad 3 for Dummies and iPad 3 on the Fly.

iPad 3 Release Display Rumors

The display rumors for the iPad 3 have probably been the main focus outside the iPad 3 release date. This time last year there were reports of a possible 3D iPad 3, that rumor quickly died however and lead to the Retina Display being included. The rumors around the iPad 3 with a high definition display have been the main focus for many months.

iDevices in 2012 including Apple iPad 3, iTV, and iPhone 5

2012 is shaping up to be a big year for iDevices with two big releases, including the iPad 3, and the rumor of a third. Apple has a big year ahead of them if rumors hold true. Apple disappointed many in 2011.  The release of the iPhone 4s instead of the  iPhone 5 was a blow to many offering no real upgrade. This was the same feeling with many Apple fans with the lackluster upgrade to the iPad 2.

Companies producing Apple iPad 3 and other iDevices :

Apple recently released their 2012 Supplier Responsibility Progress Report which details their iPad 3 and other iDevices component suppliers. It lists the human rights and environmental violations each is responsible for. The list includes, what Apple states is 97%, of their component production. This includes all components used for the iPad 3, iPhone, iPod, Macbook etc.

Can the iPad 3 Keep Up?

With the release date of the iPad 3 likely to be announced within the next month or two, we wondered if the iPad 3 could keep Apple on top. The biggest compeition that the iPad 3 will face as far as technology is concerned is the Asus Eee Pad Transformer Prime. This is the newest Android powered device to hit the market in the near future. The iPad 2 of course still holds a firm grip on the tablet marketplace. The Asus tablet hopes to take a chunk out of the Apple and part of the tablet market at the same time. The iPad 3 is rumored to be released in late February or early March and are reported to already be in production.

Monday, February 6, 2012

iPad 3 with Siri?

Do you care if the iPad 3 at release has Siri? Many are hoping that the newly announced feature for the iPhone 4S makes its way to the Apple iPad 3. There are many rumors that the iPad 3 may in fact include Siri and there are a few reasons that we also think that it will be included.

Textbooks on your iPad:

Apple creates another app that will excel on the iPad 3. iBooks is an app that was introduced with iOS 5 and excels with the size of the iPad. Apple recently introduced new software to help producers bring the textbook to your next iPad 3. Apple suggests there are many advantages to the digital textbook and their adoption. Many believe that digital textbooks are the future, and Apple is attempting to be on the cutting edge of that movement.

iPad 3: to buy or not to buy?

The iPad 3 release date is rumored to be right around the corner. Some of you may be searching for rumors and the most recent news on the iPad 3 to decide if price is right. Although the price of the iPad 3 has yet to be released it is very likely that it will follow the same structure as the current iPad 2. With that in mind you must determine if you will be one of the many waiting in line to get your hands on Apple’s biggest new release.

iPad Birthday As Rumors Remain:

Yesterday, January 27th, marked the birthday of the Apple iPad an iconic iDevice. It was 2 years ago that Steve Jobs stood in front of a crowd and announced the last big breakthrough to the world. It has been well documented that the iPad has yet to reach the vision that Steve Jobs had for it. However some believe, and many hope, that the release of the iPad 3 will bring us even closer if not to his ultimate goal.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

iPhone 5 New Rumors Curved Screen

While this week’s rumor of the week till now was the “Slide out keyboard” functionality that we talked about here. The rumor mills are in overdrive and we now have a fresh set of iPhone 5rumors to ponder upon. It is time all those futuristic features like curved screen are implemented in the iPhone 5.

Rumor: iPhone 5 and Galaxy S III to have Liquipel coating?

Before you get too excited, realize one thing – this is a rumor. It comes from one of our sources who has been correct in the past. Thanks to him we knew when the white iPhone 4 and the iPhone 4S were going to be launched. In both instances, he was correct. That being said, he informs me of the latest whisperings with a side of caution.

iPhone 5 New Concept Photographs – An Ode To Steve Jobs

As if the already crazy concepts like laser keyboards and holographic displays weren’t enough, we have some more iPhone 5 concept pictures. As always, these concept iPhone 5 pictures have no affiliation to Apple whatsoever and they are pure imagination of the creator. The concept iPhone 5 pictures come from ADR studios who had recently released an iPhone 5 camera concept. The concept iPhone 5 images do boast of some fancy features, but the images this time hints at a more realistic iPhone 5 that is very-very possible.

Liquipel Waterproof Coating on the iPhone 5?

Last month we reported that the iPhone 5 might come with HzO coating which would make the device waterproof. Now we’re hearing that the iPhone 5 won’t be coming with the HzO coating after all–rather, according to a source that has proven to be reliable in the past, the iPhone 5 will ship with Liquipel waterproof coating pre-applied.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

iPhone 5

The most recent rumors indicate that the iPhone 5 will have a 4+ inch display, possibly made by Korean giant LG. However rumors of a teardrop-shaped device have been shelved after a Foxconn employee in China revealed that samples so far are symmetrical in thickness. (Foxconn is the company that currently manufactures the iPhone 4S and iPad 2 for Apple.) The same source reveals that neither of the samples have the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S forms, and that neither of the devices seen so far are the final versions. This employee has however failed to indicate any concrete features that are set to appear in this next generation of iPhone.