Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Apple needs the iPad 3 release?

The current iPad is of course the best selling tablet to date, but does Apple need to release the iPad 3? As we have reported about the Kindle Fire, other Android tablets are also here to stay. The Kindle Fire of course quickly became the leading Android tablet right out of the gate. With a bargain price tag and a different design from other Android powered tablets, the small device fromAmazonwas a hit. It in fact has put pressure on Apple that they will likely pay close attention to.

Why Apple needs the iPad 3

The iPad 3 is on the minds of every Apple fan or person even considering to purchase a tablet right now. Those who are dead set on an iPad are stuck in limbo. Can they wait out the iPad 3 and see what it has to offer? Even if the device lacks important upgrades it will surely do one thing, and that is lower the price of the iPad 2. Or if the device brings amazing new features, will you regret your iPad 2 purchase in a few weeks at the iPad 3 announcement? These are the things that buyers are considering and likely keeping many from heading to their local Apple Store.
There is of course the competition, which Apple is sure to notice. Android quickly came onto the cell phone scene and and was unable to gain much traction. With the release of the Original Motorola Droid however Android began to take hold and gain in market share. Android has never looked back and has surpassed Apple in number of units activated. Apple held a firm grip on the smartphone niche for several years, and almost appeared to be standing still as Android surpassed them. According to a recent Engaget report it even appears that iOS  has peaked.
Apple surely does not want the same outcome with their dominate share of the tablet market. Android however is a player in the tablet arena and has its supporters. The sale of the Amazon Fire helped kick start their sales this holiday season and is reported to have sold 4 million units. A recent report was completed on the market share of the different operating systems in the tablet market. According to the report Apple iOS held 68.2% of the tablet market in the forth quarter or 2010. This percentage however has fallen to 57.6% at the end of last year. This is of course still a leader in the  tablet market, however it may seem bring back memories of their fall in the cell phone market.
As mentioned iPad 2 sales have slowed as many are waiting for the iPad 3 release date. A hit from Apple would do wonders for their role in the tablet market. Showing that they’re still the best option out there will push Android adoption back. Android tablets are making a splash with their design bringing nicely designed packages, that albeit mimic the iPad, are fashionable. With the release of Android Ice Cream Sandwich the interface of Android has reportedly become much more user friendly. The software, and not the hardware, has been the issue in many eyes for the lackluster sales of Android tablets. The Apple iPad 3 needs to be a hit at release and continue to sell throughout the year for Apple. This will help Apple keep its spot on top of the tablet pile.


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