Tuesday, February 7, 2012

iDevices in 2012 including Apple iPad 3, iTV, and iPhone 5

2012 is shaping up to be a big year for iDevices with two big releases, including the iPad 3, and the rumor of a third. Apple has a big year ahead of them if rumors hold true. Apple disappointed many in 2011.  The release of the iPhone 4s instead of the  iPhone 5 was a blow to many offering no real upgrade. This was the same feeling with many Apple fans with the lackluster upgrade to the iPad 2.

This year however, the first without founder Steve Jobs, is set to be a good year. All rumors point to the release of the iPad 3, iPhone 5, and possibly iTV. The iPhone 5 is expected to be the big upgrade that the iPhone 4s wasn’t. Many rumors point to a much needed enlarged screen, or multiple models with different screen sizes. It also points to the inclusion of 4G LTE, a much missed technology in the current iPhone. Finally the inclusion of the new A6 processor is rumored to be included with the iPhone 5.

iPad 3 release date rumors

We have reported several times that the iPad 3 was rumored to be Steve Jobs last big project. This may or may not be the case, whichever the case may be, the iPad 3 is expected to be groundbreaking. We are looking for Apple to pull out all the stops with the release of the iPad 3. We are not looking for a small upgrade to a component or two here. Instead, the iPad 3 is expected to include several big upgrades in the display, battery, and camera. It is unknown if the form factor is changing, although we expect it to be the same weight or lighter. There is also rumor of a possible iPad Mini, yet there are no specific details or evidence to support these rumors at this time.

Apple iTV release date rumors

There are some rumors that the iTV was Jobs last big device, a new entry into the marketplace instead of a refresh of a current design. The iTV is rumored to be a physical set with Apple TV built in. There are no rumors on potential sizes or prices at this time. However the concept is that everything you would need would be built into the physical display. The TV would of course feature Airplay, which gives you the ability to play media from your iPad or iPhone on your TV. The device would theoretically run a version of iOS and allow you to purchase and view video content directly from your TV. It would also allow you of course to download apps from the Apple iTunes store.
Apple is on the way to control the way you consume media and interact. With successful releases of the iPad 3, iPhone 5, and iTV they would be well on there way. There is a lot at stake with lots of potential partnerships and money to be made. We will keep you up to date with all the current iPad 3 News, ipad 3 rumors, and information.


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