Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Apple iPad 3 at CES?

Rumors are swirling that the iPad 3 was located recently at CES. iLounge reported that the iPad 3 was seen at the CES show, and that it is very similar to the current iPad 2. In fact it was said that you could have seen the iPad 3 and not even know it. iLounge does have some credit with these stories, as they were the ones who reported sighting the iPad 2 at the last CES. This was later confirmed to be a true story closer to the iPad release.

iPad 3 rumored specs

iLounge reports that the iPad 3 looks very similar to the current models. The only difference between the two is that the iPad 3 is supposed to be 1mm thicker then the current model. This is good news for those with the current iPad 2 and have spent more money on accessories. This however is rather disheartening for those who were looking for a major refresh for the iPad 3. The iPad 3 release is shaping up to be a disappointment similar to the recent iPhone 4S. According to reports the model that was at CES only had small upgrades packed into the iPad 2 body. The camera is reported to be upgraded and has similar specs as the current camera used in the iPhone 4S. The rest of the rumored upgrades seem to have been lost on the way to the iPad 3 production. There was no high resolution display, groundbreaking design, or 4G connection. There may have been an increase in battery power to cause the increase in thickness, but that was not reported by iLounge.

iPad 3 release date

Macrumors has reported that Foxconn and other producers are in production of the iPad 3. According to Macrumors, Apple is expected to release the iPad 3 sometime in March. There is the chance however that Apple still may push to release the iPad 3 on February 24, 2012. The rumors of the iPad 3 being in final production make it very possible that a beta device was in the wild at CES.
The recent rumors about the iPad 3 have been anything short of disappointing. We began the week with rumors of a dual iPad release this year. The iPad 3 being release in Feb/March, while the iPad 4 released in October. Then the reported sighting of the iPad 3 at CES has lead to further disappointment. We here at iPad 3 News have high hopes for the iPad 3 and believe that it could be the tablet that Steve Jobs envisioned at the beginning of the iPad journey. It however now seems that all signs are pointing to just another mediocre refresh being pushed out to increase profits. We believe just an upgrade in camera, battery, and possibly the inclusion of Siri isn’t enough. We had these feelings during the last iPhone release, and they would certainly carry over if the iPad 3 was released in what should be named the iPad 2s. It could be that Apple plans to release the game changing tablet later this year, but if that is the case, why push out an upgrade? To us this is a disservice to the loyal fans who live and breath Apple iDevices. We are now holding our breath in hopes of better news for the iPad 3. As always you can stay up to date with all iPad 3 release date news and rumors by following us on Twitter, Facebook, or our RSS feed.


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