Tuesday, February 7, 2012

iPad 3 Button News

iPad 3 Rumors continue after the leak of the iPad 3 button

9to5mac.com recently leaked a photo of the rumored home button to be used for the release of the iPad 3. The photo shows the current iPad 2 home button, and then the smaller iPad 3 home button. As you can notice the button is noticeably smaller which could mean several different things.

A smaller home button could support the rumor of a iPad 3 Mini. A 7″ display would of course require the device to be reduced in size. This smaller home button would fit perfectly on a 7″ model of the iPad.

The smaller home button also could point to the overall slimming of the bezel of the iPad 3. Apple is always pushing itself in terms of design and styling. Removing and reducing the bezel on the newest release of the iPad would not be surprising for Apple. There have been many rumors of an increase in battery technology which could lead to a slimmer battery. This would allow the device to end up being even smaller then the current iPad 2.
There are rumors of the iPad 3 being released as early as February. If this is to be the case we can expect more and more images to leak in the near future. With two months left until the potential announcement of the iPad 3 we will surely see an increase in rumors and news for the iPad 3 release. As always check back with iPad 3 News for all you information.


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