Tuesday, February 7, 2012

iPad Mini before the iPad 3

iPad 3 and iPad Mini coming to you?

The iPad 3 has been all the rage in the Apple community. The recent release of the iPhone 4s has made way for the iPad to take the spotlight from the millions of Apple fans. The iPad 3 has been the biggest rumor reporting to contain a new screen, better battery, and a new camera. There however has been a small rumor that is mostly ignored.

The iPad Mini has been an idea that has been thrown around for some time. The time for the iPad Mini release may be coming closer. There have been no releases or information from Apple relating to the subject of course. Apple however may wish to consider the iPad Mini with the recent success of the Amazon Kindle Fire. Samsung started the tablet frenzy for Android with the release of the Samsung Tab. They found little success and never caught on. Over a year later Amazon announced and since release it’s Kindle Fire. It has been largely a success and has quickly taken over a majority of the Android Tablet Market. This has shown that the 7″ form factor is a marketable size.

With this in mind Apple may be considering the release of the iPad 3 and the iPad Mini. The iPad 3 of course would be the new upgrade to their established iPad line. To be successful the iPad Mini would have to do a few specific things. One of the biggest selling points for the Kindle Fire is the price point. To be competitive in that market, Apple would be forced to compete price wise. Apple of course already has the established marketplace. As long as they produce a device with the build quality of the previous iPads Apple would surely have a hit. Producing an iPad Mini would allow them to compete in the lower end market. Of course it would not include the high end specs of the iPad 3. This however would allow them to price the iPad Mini competitively. Those willing to pay for the high end device would of course go with the iPad 3. Those however who aren’t 100% sold on tablet computers or lack the funds for a $500 tablet, yet still love Apple, would then be able to participate.
There have been several rumors of a February 2012 release for the iPad 3. Apple may just be gearing up for the release of the iPad Mini. A dual release of the iPad 3 and the iPad Mini would be a hit in the Apple community. We of course will keep you updated with all the iPad 3 rumors.

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