Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Amazon points to iPad 3 release date?

Amazon, the producer of the hot new Kindle Fire, may have pointed towards the release date of the iPad 3. The online giant of course won’t be selling iPad 3s directly, but they will of course be selling books and manuals about the device. Recently discovered on the French version of their website were two books titled “iPad 3 Pour Les Nuls” and “Auf die Schnelle iPad 3”, meaning iPad 3 for Dummies and iPad 3 on the Fly.

What does this mean for the iPad 3 release?

Although there is no definite correlation between these books and the iPad 3 release date. However the release date of the two books above to point to March 29, 2012. There is nothing saying that these books will release on the same day as the iPad 3. However it does lead you to believe that the iPad 3 would be released very close to this date. Often these books come out with the device or very close to its release date. They cash in on the release of the item and the mountains of questions that any newly released item, especially an iDevice, brings.
Recent rumors have had the iPad 3 being release on the same time table as the previous two iPads. That means any day we could hear the announcement of the iPad 3. As mentioned the iPad recently celebrated its birthday on January 27th, which was the iPads original announcement. There have been many rumors that the iPad 3 will be announced on Steve Jobs birthday later this month. This rumor could be 100% true and fit in with an actual release of the iPad 3 in mid March. This would be right on time for the release of the two books from Amazon.

iPad 3 release date determined, now what will it include?

This is the million dollar question that no one seems to know. The hope of almost everyone is that the iPad 3 is a revolutionary device that brings us to or at least close to Steve Jobs vision of the tablet computer. There however have been rumors that technologically speaking this simply isn’t possible or feasible at this time. The rumors of a small upgrade to the iPad 2, almost an iPad 2S, release for the iPad 3 has made waves throughout the iPad rumor mill. There are Android powered devices that have high resolution displays, similar to what would be found on a Retina Display equipped model. Producing them in the supply needed for an iPad 3 launch is the big question. Recent photos provide the belief that the iPad 3 will include an A6 processor and 4G. This however isn’t a “big” upgrade and it seems as many would chalk it up as a disappointment. In almost every poll we’ve seen the iPad 3 almost needs a Retina Display to be seen as a success.
We have seen enough Apple iDevice releases to know that with or without a Retina Display the iPad 3 will be a success. We will of course be here to bring you the latest rumors and news released about the iPad 3. Don’t forget to “Like” and “+1” this story please and follow us on Twitter and Facebook for the latest iPad 3 news.


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