Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Next Generation iPad Sooner then Expected

The iPad 3 may be coming to a store near you!

The rumor of a early release for the iPad 3 have reappeared and even hitting reputable news sites. The recent reports have the iPad 3 release coming in February 2012, a full month ahead of the previous iPad releases. The iPad 3 of course should be released in March 2012 or as late as April 2012. Citi analyst Richard Gardner however has stated that Apple is ready and preparing for an earlier release. He also states that there are no hurdles left in production (despite our thoughts of possible issues with the displays or A6 processors)

iPad 3 Release Early, why?!

The idea of an early release at first doesn’t add up. You then look around the tablet and tech world and you see that pushing the iPad 3 release may be a good idea. Competition with Android, although currently slow, is starting to heat up. Other announcements and releases are also on the horizon which would make an early iPad release a good idea. The Amazon Kindle has been a successful launch in most respect, grabbing much of the Android market share in no time. Although physically a different device, the development around the ecosystem is a similar design. With a very attractive $199 price tag Apple may be looking to release a new design to remind folks they are still in charge of the market.
A strange name to throw in the ring for the tablet community, but Microsoft may have something to do with the early release. Windows 8 is just around the corner and is slated to be a fresh redesign. It is reported that the operating system will not only run on your PC but also be the same software for tablets and other devices. This could be very attractive for folks wanting a seamless experience between their home and/or work PC and their portable tablet. If successful Windows 8 could even spell the demise of Android in the tablet marketplace. Of course Microsoft would have to produce a quality platform and limit the amount of bugs and vulnerabilites. This could be the highest hurdle for the Microsoft corner.
We also hope that the iPad 3 will be released with 4G LTE capabilities. With most other Android tablets coming with or being able to connect to the newest and fastest networks, Apple needs to catch up. Although not a driving force to push a release up a month, it surely wouldn’t hurt. Android is also about to be hit with a plethora of quad core powered tablets. Again not a main driving force for folks looking to buy a tablet. However coupled with features like 4G LTE Apple begins to look behind the times.
We here at iPad 3 News aren’t 100% sold on the idea of an early release. We of course hope for this to occur, just like we’re sure you are. However we’re not sure the reasons listed are enough to push up the release cycle of Apple. They usually do things on their terms, and their followers listen. The biggest threat to Apple at this point is the Amazon Marketplace and any tablets that come from it. The big threat here is the actual marketplace its built around along with the low entry point. The iPad 3 isn’t going to be pushing the bar on budget tablets, so we don’t see Apple really paying much attention there. So for now we will cross our fingers for a Feb 2012 release of the iPad 3 and hope for the best.


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