Saturday, February 4, 2012

iPhone 5 New Concept Photographs – An Ode To Steve Jobs

As if the already crazy concepts like laser keyboards and holographic displays weren’t enough, we have some more iPhone 5 concept pictures. As always, these concept iPhone 5 pictures have no affiliation to Apple whatsoever and they are pure imagination of the creator. The concept iPhone 5 pictures come from ADR studios who had recently released an iPhone 5 camera concept. The concept iPhone 5 images do boast of some fancy features, but the images this time hints at a more realistic iPhone 5 that is very-very possible.

iPhone 5 concept is dedicated to Steve Jobs

The concept from ADR Studio’s Antonio De Rosa is named ‘iPhone SJ’ . The SJ stands for Steve jobs, pretty much like a special edition iPhone 5 dedicated to Steve Jobs. The concept phone also has what looks like the signature of Steve Jobs engraved on the back panel of the device. The concept also shows that the Apple logo is this time printed on the front instead of the regular back panel print.


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