Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Apple iPad 3 Rumored Release with 4G and Quad Core

The release of the iPad 3 is the biggest news and rumor mill for Apple currently. There have been many rumors about the possible iPad 3 release date in relation to Steve Jobs birthday. There also have been big rumors about the iPad 3 being at CES and not being a major overhaul as was previously rumored and desired. New photos have come to the internet today via BGR from an individual rumored to have an iPad 3 in their hands.

What do the photos say about the iPad 3 release?

The photos appear to be of a screen showing an iPad 3 connected to an Apple debug tool called iBoot. The information of importance for starters are the terms J1 and J2. This is believed to be the code for the iPad 3 and potentially could be the WiFi only and WiFi/cell versions. There were previous rumors that there would be two iPads released and potentially an iPad Mini. Digitimes recently reported that the two versions were just different connection variations and this appears to confirm that belief. It is also rumored that the iPad 3 is being released with a 4G connection. There is no explanation in the leaked images that support this, however that rumor is reappearing. If true the iPad 3 would be the first Apple product released with a 4G connection. Many were disappointed when this feature was not included with the release of the iPhone 4S. 4G can be found on every major US network currently and expanding in coverage area. Apple’s main competitor, Android, already has numerous phones offering 4G connections as well as several Android powered tablets.

Also of importance is the number S5L8945X which is the processor which is of course rumored to be the new A6. For reference the A4 is S5L8945X and the A5 is S5L8940X in iBoot. This puts to rest a few rumors that the iPad 3 would actually not receive an upgrade to the new A6 and would instead include the A5 processor which the iPad 2 includes.  The A6 is rumored to be a quad core processor and likely to be powered at 1Ghz per core. This would make the iPad 3 the fastest device to run iOS to date.
The iPad 3 is shaping up to be an interesting device. For several weeks the community has been rather disappointed by the rumors being released. It appeared that the iPad 3 would be nothing more then a slight refresh to the iPad 2 and may even be called the iPad 2S. There is a lot of uncertainty about the display that the iPad 3 will be released with. However it appears that it may be more then a camera upgrade along with the inclusion of Siri. That begs the question, if the iPad 3 upgrades everything but the display, will you purchase it? Be sure to comment about your ideas on the iPad 3 upgrade below!


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