Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Should you buy the iPad 3 at its rumored release date?

There is always a buzz around Apple announcements, be it for the newest Macbook or the best new iPad3. There is a large group of individuals that must have the newest Apple products, no matter how they function or how similar they are to the previous model. There however is also a large group of consumers that don’t have unlimited funds for pricey new Apple iHardware every few months.

The rumored release date for the iPad 3 is split currently between February 24th and then mid March 2012. Whichever date it may be the iPad 3 is almost certainly just around the corner. There however have been other iPad rumors that may be making you worry about a purchase of the iPad 3. The first rumor of course is the rumored release of the iPad Mini. This device of course is thought to be a iPad made to compete directly with the economically priced tablets such as the Kindle Fire. The Kindle Fire has found huge success with its much lower entry cost. Apple has surely taken notice of this market, and should be making a device to compete. The iPad Mini however won’t compete with the iPad 3. It should have lower specs, be slower, and of course not have as large of a display. If this is the type of device you’re looking for then perfect, but you certainly won’t have buyers remorse if the iPad 3 has what you’re looking for.

The new rumor that has many worried is the newest to hit the block and even go mainstream. The rumored release of the iPad 4 in 2012 has certainly taken many by surprise. The suggestion is that the iPad 3 will be released early spring with a new Retina Display and a new battery. Outside of that upgrade you will see no difference between the current iPad 2 and the iPad 3 release. The rumor then states that the iPad 4 will carry a large refresh and redesign with a faster processor, the upgraded display, and then a useful application package. This is thought to be done to compete directly with the rumored Google Tablet that is to be released. The first Windows 8 tablets should also be rolling out in the fourth quarter of 2012. The iPad 4 would theoretically be released to keep Apple in the market and head off any attempts by these two devices to take market share.

So will the iPad 3 rumors be true?

We at iPad 3 News aren’t really buying this rumor, yet. Steve Jobs was rumored to be a integral part of the iPad 3 and it was the last device he spent a lot of time on. To believe that all he did was change out the display on the device is a hard pill to swallow. The current iPad 2 is not what he envisioned the tablet computer to be, but was restrained by current technology. We have serious doubts that he would not strive his hardest to obtain his vision on the last iPad he worked on. The iPad 3 should be a revolutionary device that is a lot more then a simple screen upgrade. If the iPad 3 delivers there is no reason to release an iPad 4 the same year. The iPad 3 will easily still be selling in October, just as the iPad 2 is still selling almost a year from its release. For now we believe you are safe looking forward to and purchasing the iPad 3 when it is released.


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