Tuesday, February 7, 2012

iPad 3 Release Display Rumors

The display rumors for the iPad 3 have probably been the main focus outside the iPad 3 release date. This time last year there were reports of a possible 3D iPad 3, that rumor quickly died however and lead to the Retina Display being included. The rumors around the iPad 3 with a high definition display have been the main focus for many months.

iPad 3 lacks Retina Display?

Rumors however now about the iPad 3 being sighted at CES are bringing doubt to there being any upgrade to the display. This comes as a shock to many, as the inclusion of a high definition display was almost all but certain to many. In fact it was the biggest upgrade that many were looking forward to experiencing with the release of the iPad 3. If the iPad 3 is released with the same display as featured in the original iPad and iPad 2 would you consider even buying the iPad 3?

Producer of iPad 3 display changes?

Rumors are pointing to Foxconn and Pegatron Technology to be the two companies hired by Apple to produce the iPad 3. Many reports have said that both companies have been placing orders for supplies and have begun production of the iDevice. The displays for the iPad 3 were originally reported to be produced by Sharp. Reports however are now coming out that Sharp failed to meet the needs of Apple. According to several reports Sharp was originally selected to produce the Apple iPad 3 displays but were unable to meet manufacturing goals. The replacement selected however is a little surprising as rumors point towards LG and Samsung being selected to replace Sharp. This is of course a little strange as Apple has been in an international legal battle with Samsung for over a year. Samsung previously was the largest component supplier for Apple, and Apple Samsung’s largest customer. Apple however began a legal tug of war when suits were filed claiming Samsung’s devices infringed on Apple’s copyrights. This obviously strained their relationship and makes Samsung a strange pick to supply iPad 3 displays.
Rumors are currently saying that Apple has placed an order for 65 million LCD displays to fulfill the need for iPad 3 production. It is unclear the resolution of these displays however, and is probably the biggest question on many minds. We here at iPad 3 News truthfully hope that the CES rumors are just that. The lack of a screen upgrade on the iPad 3 would be most certainly a disappointment and could even lead to an iPad 3 flop. As always follow us on Facebook and Twitter to stay up to date with all iPad 3 news, rumors, and information. Comment below on your thoughts of the release of an iPad 3 with the same resolution display as the iPad 2


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