Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Apple iPad 3 Rumor Mill Heats Up

Apple’s iPad 3 rumors continue to build, a predictable pattern established by the release cycles of the iPad and iPad 2. 

Search for the term “iPad 3” and you are sure to find rumors galore. Reading different websites and getting all the latest news could take you an entire day. Of course then tomorrow, even more rumors will surface about the iPad 3 release. We here at iPad 3 News do our best to keep track of all the information and give you a one stop shop for iPad 3 rumors, news, and information.

The newest rumor in the iPad 3 community is the inclusion of IGZO (indium gallium zinc oxide) displays. These displays are produced by Sharp, and if used would bring the iPad 3 to true HD levels. Rumors point to a shift in production by Sharp. This is believed to be a move to get accepted as a supplier for Apple, of course a very lucrative position. This position was previously held by Samsung, however recent legal disputes has put Samsung on the outs with Apple.
Rumors also continue to grow about the release of two iPads. This of course would include the full sized iPad 3 and then the iPad Mini. Steve Jobs of course said there was never a need for such a device. However the recent success of the Kindle Fire coupled with the passing of Jobs may have Apple going down a new path. The iPad Mini is rumored to be similar in size with the Kindle Fire, and of course would feature iOS 5. This device would come at a much reduced price, although we believe there will still be an Apple premium on top of the $199 the Kindle Fire currently retails for.
The tablet market is still held in the tight grips of Apple. There have been several attempts by large electronics companies to break into the market with Android powered devices. Motorola, Samsung, and Toshiba all failed to put even a dent into the sales of the Apple iPad and iPad 2. The recent release of the Kindle Fire however was a turn for the Android Community. The first device that was designed around the ecosystem instead of the physical device, the Kindle Fire has found a small amount of success. Other companies are surely taking notice of this approach and will start to mimic Amazon’s efforts. Apple has to be aware of this and continue to innovate. The Kindle Fire also shows there is a demand for a 7″ tablet along with lower priced devices.
The iPad 3 is almost certainly going to be released with a new high definition display. Without this improvement we believe many will see the iPad 3 release as a failure. Other specs however are up in the air, along with its potential release date. We do like the idea of releasing the iPad 3 on Steve Job’s birthday. We see it as a fitting end to the Jobs era, the man that built Apple and changed tech forever.
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