Monday, February 6, 2012

iPad 3 with Siri?

Do you care if the iPad 3 at release has Siri? Many are hoping that the newly announced feature for the iPhone 4S makes its way to the Apple iPad 3. There are many rumors that the iPad 3 may in fact include Siri and there are a few reasons that we also think that it will be included.

iPad 3 with Siri found in iOS beta?

There have many reports that there are links between the recent iOS 5 beta and Siri for the iPad 3. It looks that users have found in the code the suggestion of Siri making its way to the iPad 3 launch. Within the iOS beta a reference appears in the Keyboard section of the Settings app. A section labeled “About Dictation and Privacy” is available to open. This beta is currently being run on the iPad 2 and could be a strong indicator of Siri coming to the iPad 3.
We also believe that the iPad 3 will include Siri because of other rumors floating around about the iPad 3. More and more rumors are appearing that are painting the iPad 3 to be less then revolutionary. If this is in fact the case the Apple may need to push Siri as part of the upgrade. Many Apple customers were dissapointed with the recent iPhone 4S upgrade which included little more then a better camera and Siri. Apple put a lot of focus on Siri and how it would revolutionize the end users life. If rumors about the iPad 3 display are in fact true, then Apple may be out for a repeat performance. By simply upgrading the camera, which is impossible not to do, and including Siri Apple will be able to push out an “upgrade” and sell millions of units.
There were many questions as to why Siri was not packaged in with the iOS 5 upgrade for the iPhone 4 and iPad 2. Apple of course never answered these questions and leave us only to assume. Our best guess is that they needed to keep it exclusive to entice people in to upgrading their current devices. Some have suggested that the previous models of the iPhone were unable to support the processing power needed to run Siri. This argument however doesn’t work with the current iPad 2. the iPhone 4S was upgraded to include the same processor as is already included in the iPad 2. For this reason we believe our exclusivity argument to be the most fitting. With that in mind we expect Siri to be included with the iPad 3 release and possibly a big “selling” point.

Do you think that Siri is a selling point for the iPad 3? We still aren’t sold on Siri and haven’t found it to be as revolutionary as Apple  sold it to be. Yes, it’s a nice feature we aren’t arguing that at all. However after a few weeks we almost forgot it was there. We don’t really see it as a selling point, and more of an app that should be included with all devices which have the power to run it. We hope Apple doesn’t skimp on the upgrades to the iPad 3 and attempt to resell us on Siri. What are your thoughts? Comment below: Is Siri an important feature you’d like to see on the iPad 3?


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