Tuesday, May 10, 2011

How AT&T Tracks Unauthorized Tethering On |Your Jailbroken iPhone, And How To Hide It From Them

If you cast your minds back a couple of months, you’ll remember how we told you that AT&T had begun clamping down on people using tethering on their iPhones without paying for the upgraded tethering plan. Emails and SMS messages were sent informing customers that if they continued to tether they would be charged for it. At the time we weren’t sure how AT&T knew which people were actually tethering, but now we do and more importantly, we know how to get around it.
Today iPhoneDownloadBlog pointed out a snippet from a post over on AndroidPolice that is of particular interest to unauthorized iOS tethering users. Turns out they know how AT&T was able to tell when customers were tethering.

The latest version of PdaNet comes complete with an option specifically for hiding tethering from AT&T – presumable this option changes the APN the app uses for routing data. TetherMeis another app that appears to be one AT&T can’t track, though PdaNet does seem to be the best bet if you want to avoid your carrier’s tethering charges.
So, if you’re not too keen on paying for your data twice, jailbreak your iPhone and give PdaNet a whirl – it’s available via Cydia right now.


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