Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Free Streaming Movies from Amazon for Android tablet’s

Tablets hits 2011. Yes, there are so many Android tablets in the market right now. From the most expensive, Motorola XOOM until the cheapest, Archos Arnova. Amazon also will release its tablet, called as Amazon Coyote and Amazon Hollywood. 
The Coyote will powered by dual-core, beside the Hollywood will run Quad-core processor (maybe the Kal-el?).

Detwiller Fenton, consumer research firm in Boston stated that the latest tablet will support streaming movie and Amazon will give the streaming movie service for FREE!
So, it’s better for you who want to stream movies for FREE, after we know that Google won’t support rooted tablet to run Youtube’s Movie Rental.
Both Coyote and Hollywood will come with preloaded Amazon Appstore and Cloud Locker music streaming service.

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