Sunday, August 7, 2011

How To Fix New Facebook Chat For Seeing Whos Really Online

A couple of weeks back, Facebook rolled out its new chat interface. We won’t lie, it sucks big time. Its not practical in any way and is a pain in the sitter if you’re one who relies on Facebook chat for online conversations. Nevertheless, we shall show you in this tutorial how you can fix new Facebook chat and get the old chat sidebar once again.

This new chat sidebar is Facebook’s attempt to make its chat smarter. We don’t know about that, but it sure is inconvenient. First, you are displayed an assortment of your Friends with whom you are most likely to chat with and there’s no way to tell who is online or offline. Considering the scenario in which you want to avoid someone in your Friends list but also really need to send someone a message through Facebook chat. You’ll have to check Available for Chat in order to see who’s online, and in that leap of faith you’ll get caught by the very same person you were trying to avoid, because now you’re available to chat and they are online at the same time.
Also, this new chat sidebar takes up considerable space and you’ll be frustrated if you are using a small monitor. The old Facebook chat sidebar was amazing, it allowed you to see who was online and it didn’t randomly show a dozen people. We just don’t get the fact why Facebook tries to fix something that isn’t broken in the first place. Anyhow, that aside the purpose of this post is to teach you to fix new Facebook chat in order to get the old Facebook chat sidebar that and the procedure to do that is documented down below.
Note: You must be using Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Opera on your Windows or Mac computer.
Basically, we are going to use add-ons / extensions to fix new Facebook chat. If you are using Google Chrome, an extension aptly named Facebook Chat Sidebar Disabler will fix new Facebook chat and will bring back the old Facebook chat sidebar we all know and love. The extension can be downloaded from here. After installation, simply refresh the Facebook page or restart Chrome to get old Facebook chat sidebar back.
For Mozilla Firefox, another aptly named add-on called FB Chat Sidebar Disabler does the trick. Simply install it on your Windows or Mac running Mozilla Firefox and you are good to go. This add-on can be downloaded from here.
For Opera, Facebook Chat Sidebar Disabler works perfectly. Download this extension from here on Opera, restart it and enjoy the old Facebook chat sidebar.
That’s it! These extensions fix new Facebook chat sidebar for good. Let’s just hope that in the next update, Facebook rolls back this change. In the meanwhile, do let us know in your comments what you think about this new chat interface and the ease these add-ons and extensions bring for you.


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