Sunday, August 28, 2011

iPhone 5 - Apple to Capture Consumers Again

Online shopping site PriceGrabber found that Apple still has what it takes to win consumers over with its smartphone offering. The company recently surveyed consumers about the upcoming release of the iPhone 5and found, specifically, that 35 percent of the respondents plan to buy the new device upon its release.
James Brown, the Senior Director of Merchant Accounts with PriceGrabber, told us that the survey also revealed that 51 percent of consumers planned to purchase it within the first year, 14 percent within the first month, and 7 percent within the first week.
Consumers may expect more user friendly apps interface, Longer version of battery usage and yes not the least, Lower price for sure.
Although the exact date of the iPhone 5 release has not been made public, it is expected to be available sometime this fall.
Are you planning to buy the iPhone 5?
According to a report issued today by the Wall Street Journal, Sprint will join AT&T and Verizon in offering iPhone handsets starting this fall with the launch of Apple’s next-generation iPhone 5 handset.
Sprint is currently the third-largest wireless carrier in the country, behind Verizon and AT&T respectively. With more than fifty million customers, Sprint represents a huge new market for Apple and its wildly-selling iPhone. After launching the first iPhone handset exclusively with AT&T, Apple has continually moved to add new carrier partners to continue its push to become the number-one smartphone manufacturer in the world.
Interestingly, the United States was the first country to receive Apple’s iPhone in 2007, but the last to drop carrier exclusivity which only happened in January of this year with the launch of the CDMA iPhone 4 handset on Verizon. The rumor mill has been speculating that Sprint and T-Mobile were possible new carriers that would be on board following the launch of the iPhone 5; this new report from a source as reputable as the Wall Street Journal seemingly confirms it. As T-Mobile is currently in merger negotiations with AT&T, it’s likely that subscribers will have access to the iPhone in the future anyway.


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