Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Nokia N8

New Operating System

Symbian ^ 3 has been a renewed interface compared to the old S60. N8 has three home screens that can be set up as one wishes, with the widgets and links to everything imaginable.
Especially mention the Norwegian product manager for Nokia, Bjørn Egil Brekke, widget social media like Twitter and Facebook collects content in an easily accessible place.

Mini Media Centre Lite

Also on the hardware, Nokia has made some new with the N8. The phone has built-in mini-HDMI port, through which the phone can display HD video resolutions of 720p. We also promised that the phone should have solid support for file formats, streaming in HD.

Cool camera

The camera is also improved compared to previous Nokia models. In relation to mobile phone cameras have many N8 camera in a very large image sensor. This allows each of the pixels in the 12-megapixel large images get more light.


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