Thursday, March 17, 2011

Vibe BS Earphones

VIBE BS Co. Ltd ( launched its new Vibes BS (Body Sensation) range of amplified earphones few days back. We received a sample for testing it and found it an excellent product for those who care for their ear. First thing we notice about them that these earphones come with their own amplifier and volume control selection. The 3.5mm jack is used in these earphones and I would say this is one thing that makes these earphones compatible to almost any audio device. Usual headphones or earphones when used for long duration cause harm to our ear in two ways. First thing is the sound coming from normal headphones in directed straight to eardrums causing hearing loss. High volume can even make someone deaf! This is scary and no one wants to be deaf. Second damage is that since these headphones cover the ear canal, it makes condition favorable for bacteria and fungus to grow inside our ear resulting in fungal or bacterial infections in ear. If left 
untreated can again result in hearing loss and not to forget the severe pain in ear.

At last all we can say that Vibes BS is not only a new kind of earphone which gives unique feel of sound but its features makes it must have for those who use earphones for longer durations. We love the white color but many geeks want their gadgets to be in black, and yes Vibe BS is also available in black.



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