Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Nokia N900

Nokia's latest multimedia giant is based on the open operating system Maemo 5 As with Google's Android is an open platform, where the manufacturer hopes that much of the available content will be user generated.

Large touch screen

My phone is a big eye-touch screen of 3.5 inches. During this hides a full keyboard that is remarkably well to use, even for relatively older sausage fingers. The reason is that the keys bulges slightly from the keyboard, and thus easier to hit. The keyboard is also fully equipped with Nordic characters, so you do not have to look in special menus for them. There are two speakers located on the device. These are located on either side of the big screen

Hands full

Mobiles are used mostly in horizontal mode.This is a slightly unusual way to use a mobile on. The main side effect is that the mobile phone is almost impossible to use with one hand. N900 has accelerometers and thus know which direction it is held in and there has been talk about the possibilities for turning the screen can come in later updates. Currently, only the ringing is going on with the monitor in portrait mode.

Fast, but unfinished

N900 is fast for most tasks. To return simply press either an X in one corner, or pushing off the menu or the application's display area. This works fine, but we think it is a pity that the phone only works in landscape mode. It could also be nice to be able to dispose of the screen height and width not to individual tasks.

Very long talk time

Talk time on one charge is very good. We measured it at just over seven hours on 3G networks, and thus is certainly in the upper layer in this respect.


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