Monday, March 21, 2011

Transforming LEGO Apple Power Mac G4 Cube

This video demonstrates the “Transforming LEGO Apple Power Mac G4 Cube” in autonomous mode.
What’s happening in this video:

  1. The cube’s sound sensor is activated by the original Apple iMac G4’s loud startup chime which begins the pre-programmed routine.
  2. The light sensor’s ambient light source (red LED) illuminates the G4 cube’s Apple logo.
  3. “Interactive Servo Motor A” lowers the wheeled mobile unit relying on the servo motor’s built-in rotation sensor for a command to stop.
  4. Both motors B and C provide directional movement and rely on the rear mounted ultrasonic sensor to avoid a collision with the LEGO R2-D2 crossing in front of it.
  5. When the ultrasonic sensor detects that the cube has reached the wall, both motors B and C stop.
  6. Motor A raises the wheeled motor unit and stops when the touch sensor hits the Cube’s “ceiling”.
  7. The light sensor’s ambient light source stops generating light.



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