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15 Useful iPhone Hacks | That Will Make Your Life Easier

Some people might say that the iPhone has everything you could possibly want from a smart phone. While it's sure got a lot to offer, modern society always has us wanting more. We're not unsatisfied with the iPhone (it's truly a miraculous device), but we like adding a little something extra. The truth is, there's some things that you just can't do without a little iPhone hack. And then there's things that Apple or AT&T just don't want you to do.
This list has 15 iPhone hacks and tricks that will give you that extra functionality so you can truly optimize your iPhone. These modifications should certainly enhance your mobile experience and simply make your life easier.
We have tested all of these iPhone hacks, and they all work.

1. How to get Push Gmail on your iPhone
While the new iPhone OS 3.0 has push notifications, it failed to include a push version of Gmail. So, while true push Gmail for the iPhone is yet to exist, there is a very, very good work around that uses an iPhone app called Prowl.

Currently, the iPhone uses fetch, as opposed to push, which means that emails aren't forwarded to your phone until your phone goes lookin' for them. While the difference isn't huge, Push gets you your emails in real time. You also save battery, because now your iPhone doesn't have to use resources to go checking for emails - they're just automatically forwarded by a server. 

So how do you get push Gmail?
It's simple. There is an application in the iTunes App Store called Prowl - Growl Client (link opens iTunes) and it allows your iPhone to connect with the famous Growl (follow link to download) program. Growl is a simple program that has one funtion - to notify you. It alerts you of whatever you tell it to. It can alert you when something is finished downloading, when you get an IM, when someone mentions you on twitter, when you get a new email, and more.


So with Prowl, a $3 iPhone application, every notification from Growl gets pushed right to your iPhone. That means when you get a new email, you'll be notified by Growl on your computer, and by Prowl on your iPhone. Simply download Growl and set it up to notify you of new emails on Gmail. It's not true push, but it's pretty damn close...and it accomplishes the same exact thing.
2. How to enable tethering now (prior to AT&T allowing it)
1. Install iPhone 3.0:

2. Go to on your iPhone's Safari browser

This process only takes minutes and does not require jailbreaking. You will be able to tether very easily, via Bluetooth or via USB. It works perfectly.

  • AT&T could be charging you. Nobody knows.
  • Do this at your own risk. 
3. How to sync your iPhone with multiple computers
Apple only allows you to sync your iPhone with one iTunes library at a time. When you attempt to sync your iPhone to another computer, you get the following message.


There is an easy way to "trick" iTunes. All you need to do is switch the "Library Persistent ID". 

Read "How to sync your iPhone with multiple computers" for the full step-by-step process. 

4. How to enable Emoji icons on iPhone 3.0

[image via]

1. Install Spell Number from the iTunes App Store (it's free)

2. Launch the app 

3. Type 91929394.59
4. Press the Home button
5. Go to Settings > General > Keyboards
6. Select Emoji under Japanese 
7. Delete the app (if you want) because the emoji icons will still be there

5. How to turn off the iPhone's accelerometer

Have you ever tried reading something on your iPhone while laying in bed? Well then you've certainly gotten annoyed at the accelerometer, which flips the image from portrait to landscape with the slightest turn. Reading on the iPhone while laying down is no easy task, and you'll be distracted by constantly having to position the phone a specific way to keep it from flipping. That's why it would be great to have the option to simply turn off the accelerometer for a while.


Here's how you do it:
1. Jailbreak your iPhone (follow the link for instructions).
2. Go to Cydia.
3. Search for Boss Prefs.
4. Install it.
5. Go back to Cydia and search for Rotation Inhibitor.
6. Install it.
7. To toggle rotation on and off, simply open up Boss Prefs, and you'll now see a Rotation option in there.
Note: There is one problem with this app: you can only lock your screen in portrait mode, not landscape. Also, it will crash springboard on iPhone 3GS

6. How to add a 5th row of numbers on your QWERTY keyboard

This hack is extremely useful and I use it constantly. It adds an extra row of numbers to your iPhone's keyboard so you don't have to swap back and forth between the "ABC" and "123" modes. Tapping shift changes only the top row, and turns the 0-9 into "!@#$%^&*()". It makes the letters just a tad smaller, but using landscape mode will solve that issue. 

To get it:
1. Jailbreak your iPhone (Go here for simple instructions.)
2. Go to Cydia
3. Search and download 5-Row QWERTY
Note: work only on iPhone 2.2.1 developer has no update for 3.0 at this time.
7. How to quickly move apps between pages


One of the most irritating experiences for an iPhone user is moving an application from one page to another. With the average iPhone user having more than 6 pages of apps, dragging an app from the last page to the first is a pain that usually takes several tries. 
A lot of people fail to realize that ALL apps are movable, even the 4 on your iPhones silver dock at the bottom of the screen. Let's say you want to move an app from the first page to the last page, or vice versa. Instead of having to drag it to the side of each individual page, messing up the order of other apps, simply place it in that silver dock. Then, scroll to the last page, and drag it in. Just remember to put the original app back in it's place. 
8. How to get Hulu  TV shows on your iPhone for offline watching

1. Go here  and download Hulu Video Downloader
2. Copy and paste the URL to any Hulu video
3. Choose a file format (.flv or .avi)
4. Use any video converter program to convert it to an iPhone friendly format
4. Put the video in iTunes, and sync it up!
Hulu Video Downloader does not allow you to instantly convert the Hulu video to an iPhone friendly format unless you upgrade to the pro version of Hulu Video Downloader, which costs money. So simply download it in .avi or .flv and convert it on your own. 
Note: Only for Windows. 

9. How to use Skype and SlingPlayer over 3G

While SlingPlayer and Skype are both incredible applications, the fact that they are limited to WiFi is a bummer for both developers and iPhone users. Developers - who spent much time developing these apps for the iPhone - certainly had not planned to be limited to WiFi. This limitation exists for a logical reason: AT&T doesn't want these apps to suck the 3G network dry. iPhone users, who are ready to dish out money for these apps, lose the true value of these apps: their mobility (WiFi's not everywhere...and if you're in a hot spot, might as well use your laptop). 


Good news! There's a way to hack the iPhone in order to use SlingPlayer Mobile, Skype, and Fring's VoIP over 3G. 

The following simple process essentially tricks your iPhone into believing you're using WiFi, even when you're not.

1. Jailbreak your iPhone You have no reason to be scared. Jailbreaking your device is easy, safe, and well worth it. 

2. Launch Cydia from the SpringBoard

3. Go to "Manage"

4. Search "Tricker ThreeG"

5. Install the application. 

6. Press "Confirm"

7. Use SlingPlayer, Skype, or Fring

That's it! You're free, no longer barred by AT&T's 3G greed. 

10. How to stop app crashes

1. Reboot iPhone
Just like your computer, sometimes you just need a plain ole restart. Shut down your iPhone, wait 30 seconds, and power it back up. You'll be surprised how often this works.
2. Delete and Re-Install
Press and hold on the application, and tap the "X" to delete it. Connect your iPhone to iTunes, and resync to get the application back. 
3. Restore your iPhone
NOTE: MAKE SURE YOU DO A BACKUP FIRST. Restoring your iPhone wipes all the data, and then rewrites whatever you backed up. This could take some time. If restoring your iPhone doesn't make the application work, give up and wait for an update with bug fixes.
4. Reduce your Number of Apps
Sometimes your iPhone is just overwhelmed. Go through your device, and get rid of all the junk apps you never use. 

11. How to add an extension to a contact's phone number

Rather than listening to the whole "If you know that extension of the party you're trying to reach, enter it now" speach every single time, there's a way to have your iPhone automatically dial the extension along with the phone number. 
1. Click on the contact. 
2. Click on Edit.
3. Press on the number. Then, press "+ * #" in the bottom left corner.
4. Press "pause", which inputs a comma. After the comma enter the extension.
12. How to add words to your iPhone's dictionary
1. Open Safari

2. Tap the Google search bar in the top right corner

3. Type the word you want to add and click search
For example, if you work for a company called "SAF", but the iPhone always corrects it to "Sad", just search for "SAF" on Google one time, and next time you type in "SAF" it won't be corrected. 

That's it. There are other methods, such as adding the word as a name in your Contacts, but that takes more work and clutters your contacts. 

    13. How to disable auto-correct and auto-capitalize

    1. Go to Settings
    2. Go to General
    3. Go to Keyboard
    As you can see, you can toggle Auto-Correction on/off. You can also disable auto-capitalization, enable caps lock, disable the "." shortcut, or change the number of international keyboards.
    (The "." shortcut refers to double tapping the space bar to insert a period followed by a space.) 
    14. How To Redirect A Call To Voicemail
    Very often people call you, and very often you don't want to answer. A great way to stop the ringing of the phone and not hang up on the person is to send the call directly to voicemail. This is an extremely simple and easy iPhone trick.
    How do you do it?
    Double click the Sleep/Wake button on the top right of your iPhone.
    If you are using headphones, simply double click the microphone buttonThe only downside to this trick is, well, listening to people's voicemails. 

    15. Easy way to stop iPhone auto-correct by typing "z" 


    Let's say your typing a note or text message in another language, but typing in English. Or let's say your using a lot of techincal jargon and the iPhone tries to correct every other word you type. Going up with your thumb and pressing the little red "X" next to the correction word to make it go away is a pain in the neck. We're lazy, and we wanna keep our thumbs on the keyboard and on the keyboard only while typing a message!

    That being said, you could go into settings and turn off the auto-correct option entirely (as shown above), but that will keep the iPhone from correcting words that you may actually want to correct. So use this very simple trick:

    At the end of a weird word you're certain the iPhone will try to correct, simply type the letter "z". Yes, z as in zebra. The auto correction will go away immediately. Now just hit backspace to delete the z, and move along. It seems like a process, but it is MUCH more convenient than pressing the little red X in the correction bubble. Just try it.  


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