Saturday, April 9, 2011

The Top 5 Paid iPhone Apps | Of All Time

Ever wanted to know what the most popular iPhone apps of all time are,You're in luck: Apple has revealed the list as part of its run up to the 10 billionth app download.
Infozonex first published the list and what follows is a list of the most popular paid apps sorted from the least downloaded to most.There's one big surprise on the list: Angry Birds isn't number one. It's not even number two!

#1: Doodle Jump, App Store superstar

Doodle Jump is the heavyweight of the App Store. Make your Doodler climb higher and higher until he falls off a platform or gets hit by a monster. The perfect game to pick up and play.
Price: $0.99

#2: Tap Tap Revenge 3, even more finger tapping fun
The music-based gaming continues with Tap Tap Revenge 3. Level up, customize your character, but most importantly - keep tapping.
Price: $0.99

#3: Play along with the natives in Pocket God

Control an island of primitive people in Pocket God. Watch as they worship you and do your bidding.
Price: $0.99

#4: Angry Birds, staple of the App Store

The ubiquitous treasure of the App Store, Angry Birds has you flinging birds at pigs in an effort to win back stolen eggs. This game is perfect fun for all ages.
Price: $0.99

#5: Tap Tap Revenge 2.6 for more music-based gaming

You'll be exercising your fingers even more with Tap Tap Revenge 2.6. It's like Guitar Hero on the go!
Price: $0.99


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