Thursday, April 14, 2011

Microsoft tests WP7′s and Android’s browsers speed | we’re not surprised about the results

At Microsoft’s MIX conference this morning, the company took the opportunity to briefly make some comparisons between Windows Phone 7 and Android. One of them was browser performance, something Microsoft has been talking a lot about recently with the launch of IE9. Windows Phone VP Joe Belfiore, took a moment to test a Microsoft-built benchmark on a WP7 phone, the iPhone, and the Nexus S. Unsurprisingly, the WP7 phone bested both the iPhone and the Nexus S by a significant margin.

Now, the simple fact that Microsoft made this benchmark should raise a big, red flag. The company doesn’t exactly have the best reputation in terms of honesty. I’ll believe Microsoft’s claims once I see WP7 beating Android in an independent, impartial, third-party benchmark. Until then, this is just part of the “war of words” Microsoft and Google are having right now. What do you guys think? Is something fishy going on?


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