Friday, April 15, 2011

Download Skype with Video for the HTC Thunderbolt !

HTC Thunderbolt users, is your lucky day. Following news that you’re getting Gingerbread soon, we now bring youSkype with Video chat. For those not in the know, the Thunderbolt was supposed to launch with Skype with Video, but the app was

 yanked at the last minute. None of that matters now, Skype with Video is here for all to enjoy — except for everybody else not using a Thunderbolt of course. I’m still not sure why companies like Skype and Qik launch their apps with video-calling support for just a few phones (deals with carriers?). It’s just one of those extremely annoying ‘fragmentation” things we have to deal with Android. At least until Google lays down the law and releases Google Talk with Video for everybody. Meanwhile, we’ll have to make do with Tango.



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