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Evaluation of the second series simple interface customization system check it out thoroughly Meizu M9

Meizu M9 people some of the most attractive piece of 960X640 in addition to high-resolution screen, the system is its depth ofcustomization interface. Before evaluating the system we have tofirst talk about the interface design of these interfaces, the "culprit"is who to thank. I believe that many friends have guessed, yes, Meizu M9 as M8, UI design is still a eico design tocompletion. The design company was established in 2004, has now been 6 years, senior Meizu M8 users should already be familiar with eico the.
eico design skill do? HTC TouchFlo 3D, Meizu M8, Google'ssearch, Sogou input method, Google input, Opera Chinese version, VeryCD eDonkey (in fact, is a "gross" donkey) easyMule,Asus EeePC T91, Taobao iPhone official application and innovation of ZEN player, these Interface is done by the eicointeraction design, how, for these products is very familiar with it.The Android operating system equipped with e man e the T2, CoolN930, and we have mentioned in the micro-Bo Rong Wei 350 in the vehicle equipped with the Android system interface, these areeico to complete the design. Meizu M9 now turn to a ... ... Well, nextwe come to find out the system on the Meizu M9.

The first is the lock screen, can not afford a single original unlockAndroid, mute, and clock. Meizu M9 lock screen in a more user-friendly interface, similar to MIUI and snacks OS design, in the lock-screen interface, the interface directly to the basic functions ofmobile phones - calls and SMS. And on the basis of the originalmessage by adding a week of X, in fact, built into the system againif the information is even more perfect to join the Lunar.

Since the launch of HTC Sense After the great success, Androidsystem Launcher.apk depth of customization has become a publiccompany in the most important interface customization system.Meizu M9's main interface is very simple, the bottom of the dialbutton on the dock, respectively, browser, text messaging. Where"M" logo of the browser buttons occupy a major position in terms ofvisible Meizu Meizu M9 browser is full of confidence and willbecome an Internet browser to see the important function of mobile phones.
In the list area, Meizu M9 and imitation interact MIUI iOS as, Meizu M9's Android Launcher abandoned the program list the contentspage, so have been on hold since the installation program in the desktop, if you need to classify, you can create documents on the desktop Shelved the program classification folders, each foldercan be placed in 12 applications.
Several aspects of the desktop screen, Meizu M9 can support up to 10-screen desktop. Units of a single screen layout 4X4, that can be placed every 16-screen applications. If you do not use folders, not the desktop add the Widget plugin, Meizu M9 install up to 160applications. Of course, the theory that, if storage space is large enough (I could write the future of the APP TO EXT Meizu M9tutorial), Meizu M9 can be placed on the desktop, a total of 12(folder) X16 (place the number of units in a single screen) X10 (total Screen number) -1 (reserved space for application installation) = 1919 application. In theory, this is the Meizu M9 uses its own Launcher, in the case of adequate storage space can beinstalled up to the number of applications.
Launcher can say about a thing more to go, and back then we go into detail, let's read on.

Multi-task switching, Meizu M9 reference to multi-task switchingdesign iOS 4.1, Android models bring up more general task is tolong press Home button and the Meizu M9 uses a double-click theHome button to bring up the multi-tasking manner. Native support formore than six task switching, Meizu M9 increased to 12.


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