Sunday, April 24, 2011

Nexus S & Dream G1 Android 2.3 ROM released

Google Nexus S 2.3.2 CM700 CM7.0.0 machine features frontmesh localized version of the Chinese ROM
This version is based on Cyanogenmod 7.0.0 version produced, Google Nexus S branch is responsible for the Koush thankCyanogen, Koush. By the Xdan, Geesun for the development ofAndroid 2.3, and compile the localization function, thank you for your support!
Firmware version
Android 2.3.2
Support models
Google Nexus S
Release Date
February 15, 2011
HTC G1 Android 2.3.2 Functional localization ROM ROM version of the Chinese experienceMachine front produced HTC Dream G1 Android 2.3.2 ROM, Geesun, Xdan responsible for the development, integration build Android2.3 localization function, based on ezterry source, manual merge some CyanogenMod code.Tips: Because the G1 hardware limitations, we do a number of debugging code more involved, although the G1 is now running, but still-inch number of bug, long-term use may be a system error such as instability, need to be further repair.Cyanogen has given up the old models G1 version update, we had also to give up, but when I see all the enthusiasm of 2.3 so high, then out of this version, updated after the end of this version of the future will no longer maintain updated G1 ROM, Invitation to understanding.Firmware versionAndroid 2.3.2Support modelsHTC Dream G1Release DateFebruary 16, <<click to downloadGFAN G1 2.3 ROM update logFeature List1. InformationFeatures: Browser completely finished;Characteristics: Android2.3 characteristics;Features: MMS mobile phone to read the full report;Features: import and export text data format optimization;Features: Backup to restore information database optimization;Features: attribution to display the message list;Features: SMS database backup / import;Features: Automatic retrieval of information;Features: Support SMS, SMS, import and export, contacts phonetic index, text messaging support for Smart Pinyin address bar to support fast retrieval;2, setNew: system integration APK installer, to join in the application management software installation functions;New: Lock screen display Lunar;Add: interface customization: You can customize the display of the battery;Add: Memory lock switch;New: Lock screen display music player control buttons;New: Rainbow Bridge lock screen (not complete development ... ... Please carefully use this function);Added: notice board four buttons can be customized quickly;Added: CPU settings, you can customize the minimum and maximum rates;Added: Automatic app to ext.3, telephone and contactAdd: Contact attribution to display outgoing calls;Add: Chinese operator logo display;New: Call records show incoming and outgoing contacts attribution;Features: side buttons function custom (Add to Contacts, SMS / MMS);Features: Favorites feature, display dial button to display the contact picture switch (off can speed up the loading speed), hide recent calls;Features: Smart Dial-up settings, automatic IP phone;Features: Contact information and data can be combined;Features: Contacts import / export;Features: attribution to optimize the information display to improve the call interface pop-up speed;Features: optimized vibration turned on, to determine more accurately;Characteristics: increased signal missed calls prompt option;Features: Turn vibration, calls attribution to the setup menu;Features: support vibration and adjust the delay;Features: Missed calls led light display;Features: Backup and restore contacts database function;Features: multiple choice to delete the specified contact;Features: Smart IP dialing, dial the city under 17,951 contacts (can be set);Features: Display to / outgoing city;Characteristics: According to the contact number, display contact city;Features: Display missed calls where the city;Features: international long distance, you can display the name of the State;Features: fixed telephone, +86, etc., can handle;Characteristics: The common call can also be displayed, such as 138001380000,10086,95528, etc.;Characteristics: the first time need to set their own IP dial-up number and their phone numbers, default 17951 / Shanghai;Features: Support Contact Chinese sort;Features: contact support smart pinyin search, global search to support intelligent phonetic retrieval;Added: attribution to switch (to close or open);4, the browserNew: page overview display;Add: Browser full screen;Features: Site Settings (location access);Features: text encoding;Features: Double-click zoom (screen zoom control);Features: Share web pages;Features: multi-touch optimized to retain the original features zoom operation;Characteristics: The browser supports all file formats to download;Features: Backup bookmarks / recovery;


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