Thursday, April 28, 2011

Google Docs for Android now available

Google Doc 's has previously only been available in a web-based version for Android users. Now,Google finally released an app for the service.
The app is not fully complete, and the promisedOCR function does nothing further. The fact that Google not received an Android application for Google Docs only now is the right label, but now they have finally released the first version of the app for the system.

The app can both create new documents and view and edit existingdocuments . The latter is done not through the app itself but by the app will open up a browser window on your mobile.
An exciting feature of the app is the ability to take pictures with theircamera phone to text documents , which Google then converts to editable text. By clicking on the icon with a plus on the top right of the app brings up a menu where you can choose to create a new text document,spreadsheet or a document from a photo .
If you choose the latter, Google Docs automatically if there is text in the picture taking and putting it together with the image of the document you create.
I regret to say that the feature does not work very well when I tested it. The test phone was a Samsung S Galaxy , which under good lighting conditions have a really sharp camera and the text I was driving at was the classic Lorem Ipsum-chant.
The conditions for the OCR function to work under should therefore have been almost ideal, yet the result was not better than what the above screenshot shows. A sharp image in spite of Google Docs might, only converting a few sentences in the image into text. Hopefully Google will improve function in the future.
Despite the limping OCR functionality is Google's Android app for its Docs service anyway, overall functioning and the editing is done in a browser window instead of in the app is not something that you honestly feel that much of.
In the list of documents you can in a simple way to rename the documents and change how we share them with other users. One can also easily search through their records in the app and adding it as a widget, you get quick access to program various functions directly on the desktop on the phone.

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