Saturday, April 2, 2011

HP's Fusion-powered Pavilion dm1z

We know you -- you're that guy (or gal!) who simply can't resist dipping your toes into whatever's next, and in the case of AMD's Fusion, you almost certainly went out and grabbed up an HP Pavilion dm1z as soon as it hit the market. Nah, we aren't clairvoyant, just rational guessers. At any rate, now that you've had a solid two or three months with your Zacate-backed ultraportable, we're eager to know how you'd change things if given the golden key. Are you satisfied with the build quality? How's that heat? Feeling any jealousy for those who opted for Atom-based rigs? Are the keyboard and trackpad things you actually look forward to using? Go ahead and vent in comments below; it's Friday, it's your birthday, and HP's got an awfully thick coat of skin.


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