Saturday, April 2, 2011

Spiral training Android application turns anyone into Peyton Manning

Ah, ingenuity. We've seen Google's Android platform used for a host of unorthodox applications over the years, but David Almoslino's concoction deserves a round of golf claps to call its own. The so-called Replay Football system employs a Bluetooth-enabled Nerf football with a 9-axis inertial sensing motion processing module (MPU-6000 by InvenSense), and when linked to a visualization / throw analysis application, you're able to analyze the rotation of a football in real-time as it's thrown. From there, the app breaks down the nuts and bolts of the toss, and while it's not able to blurt out pointers on correcting things just yet, we're seeing endless potential for the next revision. Don't believe us? There's a video just below that'll make a believer out of you, yet.


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